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How the public services serve their communities.

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Task-1 how the public services serve their communities To: station officer David Blaine From: fire-fighter Matthew Keyland Date: 22/01/2004 1.0 Introduction I have been asked to research at least three public services including examples of uniformed and non uniformed services and statutory and non statutory services. My report must cover the following areas: 1.1 A) How would you define the term citizen and citizenship in your work? 1.2 B) Identify some of the different social groups in society that these services are likely to deal with in the course of their duties? 1.3 C) A list of qualities a good citizen may display and explaining which of the qualities would help an employee in a specific public service to carry out their duties. 1.4 D) How public services deal with environmental issues using specific examples. 2.0 98% of people in Britain are British citizens. This means that the majority of the fifty to sixty million people living on the British isles are all in demand of statutory and non statutory services. Being a citizen also means you have responsibilities as well as rights. It is a citizens responsibility to pay taxes abide by the law and choose a government that helps run the country. It is the role of police, fire, and ambulance service to ensure your rights are protected and for these services it means dealing with many types of citizen from old age pensioners to a different race of people who all need to be given the same treatment. ...read more.


If he demonstrates a good understanding of the equipment he uses and the scenarios he's put in the other fire-fighters will look to him for guidance and assistance when on duty. Honesty Honesty is the best policy! This is significantly true in the public services as your decisions are made on information given to you by others and if this information is incorrect the consequences can be very detrimental. Judgement Decisions made in the public service are more often than not very important because it effects the efficiency of the service and also means the difference between success and failure. For example police are often confronted with challenging situations, life may be on the line. You may be confronted with someone who is suicidal and what you say may effect the outcome, here good judgement makes all the difference. Reliability Reliability is a very important quality in the public service as you always have to work as a team. If someone isn't reliable in the team it lets down all the other team members. Courage and values In a public service being able to make a decision based on job requirements often means making unpopular decisions. This requires good values to chose the best option and courage to actually enforce the decision. This also includes showing tact and self control and discipline. For example a good fire-fighter with good values wouldn't brake any of the rules or mess up the code of conduct. ...read more.


Therefore water is a lot more fragile than we think and because The water industry has over 350,000km of sewers, 6,000 sewage treatment works discharges and 25,000 intermittent discharges, it is clearly evident that the water industry can have a great impact on our environment. The Environment Agency use a variety of standards and targets to help take action to protect and improve water quality. They use them to calculate the potential impacts of industry and agriculture. For example, to work out the conditions they must impose on discharges in order to protect water quality. They also help with checking national progress in protecting water quality and in working out where action is needed. Standards may have a variety of aims. These include: * protecting wildlife and nature; * controlling risks to the quality of water abstracted for supply to our homes or used to irrigate crops; * making sure that our enjoyment of things like bathing, angling and boating are as safe as possible. For example: The Environment Agency plays a significant role in deciding what environmental improvements the water industry should make. In their current environmental improvement programme, water companies will spend �5.3 billion on nearly 7,000 projects to improve rivers and coastal waters in England and Wales. This will also protect over 100 important wildlife sites. The last environmental improvement programme was a great success and resulted in many benefits to the environment ranging from cleaner bathing waters to fewer poor and bad quality rivers. ...read more.

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