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Impacts of Tourism on Antarctica.

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Impacts of Tourism on Antarctica. Antarctica, a pristine place created by nature, one of the last true wilderness left on the planet. After Antarctica was discovered, mankind has explored its most of parts, revealed much information regarding our history; studied wildlife located here, organised tourist activities. However the issue which plays a major role today is the impact of human activities on Antarctica. Antarctica which is governed by many countries denies the claim for exploitation of Antarctica for past few decays. Reviling the present situation of Antarctica shows that it is becoming a tourist destination place which initialises further debate on the issue. (Baurer,T. 1994 :01) believes that tourism in Antarctica should be managed in a sustainable fashion. He also mentions that the estimated effects of tourism on Antarctica may be around 0.52 percentage of the total human impact. On the other hand according to Diggins, the numbers of tourist have increase by more than 600 percentages. ...read more.


Horgon also describes a situation at a harbour which is contaminated by hydrocarbons. Another problem at Mc Murdo is the sewage treatment plant which is yet to be repaired. Here Hogan points different mess done by scientists. Finally he gives information regarding an ultimate solution, which is to replace scientists with robots, but it is still under research by N.A.S.A. According to a science article, by Australian Government Department (AAD , 2003:04) which gives brief description regarding how human have jeopardise Antarctica. He mentions the environmental effects of Antarctica which leads to global warming, depletion of ozone layer; increase the UV radiation causing food chain. Today it has become a fact that disturbing the Antarctica's environment will led to global warming. Mining has being prohibited in Antarctica under the Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty. However the fishing industry is bleaching the artic atmosphere. ...read more.


According to the article by( Australia State of Environment,2001:06) describes the place Wildes, a base built in Antarctica in 1950 and was abandoned in 1960. These include resting fuel drums and explosives and are buried under the snow which is threat to environment. Rubbish and wast materials which are develop near station are disposed into marine environment which pollutes marine life. Tourist damage the Antarctic environment with vehicles tracks or foot prints in muddy ground being visible for many years. However many steps are taken for better development of environment. However the idealist compromise for next generation should be, to legitimate the law which are in favour of Antarctica. Though tourist or scientists come to Antarctica for different purpose the over all result will be spreading of pollution in Antarctic. Countries should uniquely organise and legitimate the rules and ban any activities which may be the reason for polluting the pristine environment of Antarctica. ...read more.

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