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"Is package tourism a good idea for the west Indies"

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Geography Enquiry "Is package tourism a good idea for the west Indies" Introduction: The aim of this report is to explain how package tourism can affect LEDC'S like st. Lucia. I am going to find out the environmental effects of tourism and the effects on the local economy. I will also try to explain how tourism can be planned in a more effective way that will benefit both the MEDC and the LEDC and yet does not harm the beautiful habitats of the island. Location: The west Indies are islands in the Caribbean sea. St Lucia is an island that lies within the tropics and consists of low-lying sedimentary rocks, which provide the flat, palm-fringed beaches. It is located between North America and South America neat the equator, This means that there is hot weather all year round. Over the last couple of years, St. Lucia has experienced a dramatic growth in tourism because tourism because tourists travel to the island for the hot, sunny weather. St. Lucia's Economy: The Caribbean needs more foreign income because it is an LEDC with high level of unemployment and most of the jobs ate poorly paid (e.g. farming) The Caribbean government hope that tourism will benefit them by bringing more job opportunities, better jobs and better-paid jobs. They also hope that the tourists will bring money to the country to help pay for school, hospital fees.


Not many people of St. Lucia are in the tourist industry because there is a lack of training. Poorly paid jobs such as waiters, taxi drivers and cleaners are given to the local people. Benefits of Tourism in ST. Lucia: Tourism has benefited ST. Lucia by bringing them more job opportunities and better paid jobs for the local economy, 30% of the total employment in the Caribbean is in the tourist industry. Some local businesses such as souvenir shops and water sport activities also benefit from the foreign income. The local people do not benefit as much as they should because the tourists come on package holidays and do not leave the hotel for anything because everything is provided within the hotel so the multiplier effect does not take off. Most of the food is flown in from the USA or UK by plane so the tourists do not by food from the local shops. Most of the hotels have private beaches in which local people are not allowed to come in to sell anything. The local economy does not get much foreign income or benefit from tourism because the tourists hardly ever leave the hotel. Tourism can also benefit the country because the infrastructure (airports, roads, water and electricity supplies) which are improved for the tourists also benefit the local people. The local cultures and traditions may be preserved by the tourists and income from tourism may pay for management conservation and repairs for the environment The costs of package tourism: Package tourism has affected ST.


This is a good solution for the hotels and the local people as well as the turtles because it has provided more jobs. 2. Glass bottomed boats can be used to let people see the coral reefs without damaging them. 3. Nature reserves should be created to protect areas of rain forest, and the natural habitats of animals. 4. "Activity holidays" can be organised encouraging tourists to visit the rain forest with local guides, This will provide jobs for the local people. 5. Sewage pollution from hotels is strictly controlled in St. Lucia, now with heavy fines. The sewage pipe system should be improved. 6. Instead of building huge concrete hotels, companies can be encouraged to build smaller hotels, using environmentally friendly materials. 7. Hotel owners should get permission from the government to cut down the rain forests, to build roads, hotels or airports. Another Eco-tourism solution is to control diving on the coral reefs. Tourists should only be allowed to dive if they are with a diving instructor or have a permit. This will benefit St. Lucia because there will be more jobs for the local people and the coral reef will not get destroyed. Tourists should be encouraged to not come on "package holidays" they should eat the local food, visit the local shops to buy souvenirs and cloths so they can blend on with the local culture and traditions. The tourists should also stay in one of the local hotels, this way the foreign income will be going towards St. Lucia and not the MEDC. Neelam Mohammad 10E

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