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Many Factors are Relevant to the Successful Management of Urban Areas. Discuss the Validity of this View

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Many Factors are Relevant to the Successful Management of Urban Areas. Discuss the Validity of this View Firstly I am going to define what the successful management of urban areas actually is. In my view, it means to improve and enhance the urban area and its surroundings for example to combat levels of crime and unemployment in various urban areas. It is important to have the right mix of housing in urban areas to suit the population. In the LEDW there tends to be larger families due to less family planning and the ability for the children to work with their parents on the field. These larger families need larger homes to satisfy their needs. The price of the housing has to suit the family's income hence the wealthier live in huge mansions whereas the lower income households live in flats and terraced housing (Harehills and Chapeltown in Leeds). This causes a problem because the families in such areas tend to be ethnic minorities on a lower income and with larger families. This brings in the problem of higher crime rates, less chance of a decent job in the surrounding area leading to unemployment and so on. ...read more.


Most urban areas were developed before cars were invented and weren't designed for cars at all therefore traffic also needs to be carefully managed. In the 1950s cars were a luxury item however at present 70% of households in the UK own at least one car. This increase is due to the fact that disposable incomes have increased and improved car production methods mean cars are more affordable than ever before. Growth in retail and service industries as well as more out of town retail parks have caused traffic in both inner cities and suburbs to increase. This growth was due to the fact that since more people had cars if businesses built in the suburbs where it was cheaper, they wouldn't lose their customers. In the MEDW cities are continuing to grow, presenting a huge burden on public transport. New mass transmit systems e.g. Metro underground in Newcastle have been developed as a result. The major problem is that these transport vehicles cause pollution. Car exhausts release sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide therefore governments in the MEDW need to find transport strategies. ...read more.


Also a strategy of zero tolerance policy sends a message that crime isn't tolerated. However in the UK and New York for example there is a suffering of race relations where police have stopped and searched people based on their race. In a lot of cities there is segregation between two different groups. Different religious groups often live in segregated areas due to them sharing a common language or religion. However this might lead to discrimination in the housing market and high unemployment leading to poverty. This results in area 'no go' areas also known as ghettos which have high crime rates, poor quality housing and low incomes. Inhabitants of these ghettos feel unjustly treated which can cause social friction for example the Brixton Riots. To avoid such segregation governments came up with various projects which would develop a sense of community spirit and get different ethnic groups mixing together. Overall I feel that there are numerous factors in changing the urban area and its surroundings for the better. It seems to me that whenever an idea is thought of and planned there is a negative effect to that which requires another idea to combat it. ...read more.

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