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Mexico city speech

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Good morning sir and class today I'm going to talk to you about an ancient city that has grown to become the 10th largest city� and the 2nd largest urban agglomeration in the world� this city is Mexico City. Click Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is the country's centre for politics, higher education, industry, culture and transportation. It's tremendous population and rapid growth has also brought about some of the worst urban problems in the world. Click. Mexico City pretty much lies in the centre of Mexico about halfway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean Click. A place like Mexico City would have been quite an ideal place to build a city as it was built on an area that was once a lake, which means a lot of access to water and fertile soil for agriculture which fed its inhabitants and the terrain was fairly flat. Mexico City is in the middle of a valley surrounded by large mountains much like a bowl (make description of city as a bowl). The city is located at a very high altitude of 2240 metres, to give you an idea of how high that is Canberra is only about 500m above sea level. Mexico cities high altitude accounts for the cool, dry climate Click that the city experiences. As we can see from the chart the rainy season lasts from May to October. The history of Mexico City is as vast as the city itself. ...read more.


The Historic Centre of the city lies in the heart of the downtown area surrounding the Z�calo click, which is the second largest plaza in the world, surpassed only by Red Square in Moscow. A rather overwhelming public space, the Z�calo is the scene of major public ceremonies and military displays. Talk while reffering to pic Overlooking the Z�calo to the north is the Cathedral Metropolitana. It is the largest cathedral in North America. The Palacio Nacional which once housed the president is located on the east side of the Z�calo. The zocolo was built at the beginning of the city Click point out historic map and zocolo. There's the Zocolo in the middle where people would have accumulated to trade goods. Whilst the number of parks in the city is quite sparse it does contain the countries largest park, Chapultepec click which is 2000 acres of woods, lakes, hiking trails, playgrounds, amusement parks, a zoo and excellent museums. Museums are a trademark of Mexico City and some famous ones include Mexico's Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of Anthropology. In total, the city actually has around 160 museums, over 100 art galleries, and some 30 concert halls. Sport is a significant part of Mexican culture and most of Mexico's major sporting events are staged in Mexico City. Click Mexico City is the place to go to see Mexico's most popular sport soccer, bullfighting, baseball, boxing and horse racing. ...read more.


From the graph we can see that transportation makes up about 3 quarters of total emissions. The air pollution in Mexico City is the worst in the word. The fact that the city is situated in a basin makes the air pollution even worst, because the air that has accumulated is kept in the area because it's like a bowl click this photo shows that pollution is held in by the surrounding mountains which stops winds from coming in and blowing the pollution away. The effects that pollution would have on the citizens of Mexico City is quite devastating click, here I've made a diagram showing the various effects that are brought about by such terrible pollution. Talk about diagram Air pollution may be the worst of Mexico cities pollution but other forms of pollution also affect Mexico city Water pollution in Mexico city is quite terrible Click in the rivers of Mexico city you a likely to find waste, drugs and even the odd dead body. The amount Click of light released by the millions of citizens of Mexico City creates terrible light pollution which leaves the city in a yellow haze. In conclusion Mexico may not be one of the most glamorous cities since it contains some of the worst urban problems in the world, but this secondary city is the most important in Mexico, its nearly Six times larger than any other Mexican City, Mexico city dominates the economic, cultural and political life of Mexico. This combined with Mexico cities vast history has thus given it a unique identity. ...read more.

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