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Population Density and Distribution.

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Volkan G�rel Population Density and Distribution A Dot Distribution map is able to show the population density of very small areas. They don't show the country as a whole, but show the little regions where people are concentrated. So it is very hard to compare countries to each other. In the other hand, the Population Density maps are maps with countries that are shaded according to their population density as a whole. So, we can compare countries, but can't see the small regions in the country, that have a denser population than the other regions. Bangladesh, India, Japan, France, Holland and Belgium are densely populated. Canada, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Bolivia are sparsely populated. People want to live in the best conditions possible, even though they can't always manage to live in these conditions. ...read more.


So usually, the higher the altitude, the more sparse the population, with few exceptions. Slope is the incline of the land. It effects agriculture and transportation. If the land is horizontal, all kinds of agriculture may be done and transportation is easy. But as the slope gets steeper, limited agriculture may be done and transportation is harder. If it is very steep, neither agriculture nor transportation is available. So, the steeper the slope, the more sparse the population. Aspect is the way, which the slope faces. If it faces the sun, and gets more sunlight than a slope facing away from the sun, the air is hotter. This direction is south in the Northern Hemisphere, and north in the Southern Hemisphere. ...read more.


Minerals are important for the trade, and as a result, for the economy. This attracts more people also. So the richer the resources, the denser the population. But this is not always the same. Some countries with rich resources have much less sparse populations than some with few resources. For example Russia, with rich resources and Japan, with few resources. Economic and Political Factors are about the life standards and safety of people. People want employment, wealth and social security, so they usually move from poorer countries to richer countries. Also, the money for new investments and the development of tourism attracts more people and raises the density of the population. So, the richer the country, the denser the population. Of course, there are exceptions to this too, caused by other factors effecting the birth rate. Some examples are Canada, as a rich country and Bangladesh, as a poorer country. ...read more.

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