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The broad purpose of this study is to investigate Kingston's Sphere of influence and affecting factors. To do this I shall gather information about Kingston from the Internet, books and Kingston Information Bureau.

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Introduction, Aim and Background Information The broad purpose of this study is to investigate Kingston's Sphere of influence and affecting factors. To do this I shall gather information about Kingston from the Internet, books and Kingston Information Bureau. I have devised a questionnaire and plan to ask people in the town to answer the questions. The Sphere of Influence is the area from which a shop draws its custom, also known as the market area or trade area. The Sphere of Influence is dependent on several factors: * Population The position Kingston comes in the settlement Hierarchy is important. There are 8 categories of settlements ranging from "isolated buildings or farms" to the Capital City. Kingston is categorised as a large town, which is in the middle of the hierarchy. The 1991 census shows Kingston as having a population of 133,000. The results of the 2001 census are not yet available. There have however been several new houses built on former industrial sites in the area such as the British Aerospace factory, the old power station, Dickerage Road and even on school playing fields off the Kingston Road. ...read more.


from abroad) This range will be affected differently at different times of the year. Say a questionnaire was used to determine the sphere of influence of Kingston, in July, the results might show a far larger range than if used in March. I'd predict that throughout the year the sphere of influence would fluctuate. In December and January I'd expect a lot of people to travel further to Kingston for pre and after Christmas shopping. In June for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, in July for the Hampton Court Flower Show and for the rest of the year I'd expect the sphere of influence to be fairly set with highs during bank holiday weekends and school vacations. * Availability of goods or services: Low order goods are low in value and used frequently and are known as convenience items e.g. milk/newspapers/ bread. High order goods are high value and bought infrequently and are known as comparison goods e.g. ...read more.


June2001 was the completion of the bridge-widening scheme. This has meant that access to the town has increased marginally by having two lanes in each direction. The car parking indicator sign on the Richmond road often indicates that all the car parks are full. This would indicate that Kingston is a popular shopping destination. * Employment A large percentage of work in Kingston revolves around the retail stores in the town centre. There is also some light industry in the area, take for example the Nikon factory. Schools, the hospital, the council are all large employment opportunities. Many employees will travel from out of borough to get to work, thus affecting the sphere of influence also. Summary From having lived in Kingston for 15 years I predict that the Sphere of Influence for Kingston will prove to be large. I know of several people travelling to Kingston, taking more than an hour for their journey each way, purely because the facilities and shops exceed those closer to home both in quality and quantity. ...read more.

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