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The 'Missing Million'

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Census Report The 'Missing Million' The 2001 Census revealed that the UK's population has risen to 58,789,194 - a 4 per cent increase over the past 20 years and almost a fifth higher than the level in 1951. However, estimates have shown that an army of up to 600,000 young men have vanished, in search of warmer climates, wider horizons and a party lifestyle. Why has Britain got 600,000 fewer young men than experts thought? Answer: Blame it on Ibiza. This is the explanation given by the Office of National Statistics as the results of the �225 miilion Census was given out. They also confessed that the UK had 900,000 fewer souls than it thought it would have. The biggest question is where the best part of a million people has gone and why. The answer, it seems, lies in a mixture of an over-estimate in the 1991 census, accounting for around 300,000, and the emergence of a curious new demographical phenomenon, the young male outcast. The difference is not down to bad record keeping of births and deaths. ...read more.


Mr Cook said: "I wouldn't be surprised if the rave culture abroad had contributed, particularly with large numbers of jobs available for young people across the EU.". There is also evidence of many young men heading further a field. Australia, which has an annual immigration quota of 75,000, accounts for at least 50,000 young Britons in the past 10 years, with Canada welcoming similar numbers This is the current age structure of the UK and we can that in the 20 to 24 year old range there is a noticeable difference than in different age ranges. In the future this could have noticeable effect on the age structure; if the people did not return to the UK then there would be less old people and so the top of the tree diagram, as above, would be thinner. Also, it would show that there would be more females than males. Another important consequence could be a further reduction in birth rate as there are fewer men to help women get pregnant and also women may be more career minded, especially with the lack of males, and so have no time for children. ...read more.


This questions the accuracy of the survey but the results are large enough to make conclusions. Further quantities of data from the 23 million returned forms will be formally released in February next year. In conclusion, we have seen that there is a 'missing million' from the UK's population. This is from estimates made using population growth to estimate future populations. It is predicted that by the mid twentieth century the population could be over 76 million, largely due to the reduction in crude death rates. Of the 900,000 missing people, 600,000 are thought to be young males that have emigrated abroad in search of a party lifestyle in the Mediterranean, and at least 50,000 in Australia. These trends has economic consequences as regional population change has effects on the grant the councils receive from central government; also taxes may be increased to cope with the overall population increase. Pensioners may find their pensions are reduced because people are living to and older age. However, there has been criticism over the accuracy when about 1 million people have been invented by officials to make up for the people who did not return forms. Rory Neill 13AW ...read more.

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