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The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years. The ever popular sport was started by the English people visiting the Alps.

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Task 1 The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years. The ever popular sport was started by the English people visiting the Alps. Where people went skiing, resorts started to spring up and businessmen saw the opportunity to make money and started to expand these. These resorts started to bring in many opputunities for the locaal people to work in. Employment in these areas has increased drastically. For example, anyone who decides to visit the resort will have to stay in a hotel. These hotels may be run by an out of country firm but many of the employees would be from the surrounding villages. They would need bar staff, waiters, cleaners, chefs, receptionists, caretakers and managers. The same would go for a restaurant, this would need a manager, waiters, cleaners, and chefs. Many of these new properties that have business lead to multiple job opurtunities. Most of the employees would be local and live here all year. However, although up to 95% of the resorts workforce will be local, the skilled,high paid jobs would be taken by foreigners. ...read more.


Even so the majority of people will be out of work for eight months. Many may move away but to most people this work for four months make them stay. This halts the process of depopulation in these alpine areas. Depopulation means that people move out of an area because they feel they have no future there. The young people of the ski village will no tmove out because of the money to be made by the tourism in the area. Also if the people did move out ski resorts will not be able to operate as almost everything relys on humans. The will also not move out on the grounds that there are no facilities in the village. This is because many people attract banks, supermarkets, hotels etc. So this means that the people who move for better facilities don't need to. But to many people the idea that there is only work for four months is still not good enough. So for this reason many people do still move away. But if they do stay as in many resorts today, during a busy period they will just add to overcrowding. ...read more.


This means that air pollution also gets emmited more. This is ironic as this air pollution leads global warming. This leads to the snow line to get higher. If there is less snow then the resort may be open for less time every year and maybe even be closed. This is a disadvantage for the resort. The other problem is that it can be affected by the present state of the worldwide economy. If people are worried that they may not have enough money, the first thing that they cut is a holiday. As many people who go skiing go as a holiday from abroad. This means that the ywill not go to the resorts. This would be disastrous for the resort as it is the only time of the year they can make money. This means that they would have a bad standard of living for that year. What is more is that the people who do come to the resort will spend less freely than they would normally. This is again due to the fact that the economical situation would make them spend less. A ski resort has many advantages and disadvantages. These are some of the main ones. ...read more.

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