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To what extent can West Berkshires waste management strategy be considered sustainable?

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To what extent can West Berkshire?s waste management strategy be considered sustainable? (10 marks) For a waste management strategy to be considered sustainable it would need to take into consideration the needs for now, and the future, and would need to consider the resources needed, to ensure that they will last efficiently. In terms of waste management this may include a strategy which doesn?t just deal with the waste already being generated, but will deal with the future waste, and hopefully reduce and ?solve? the issue of increasing domestic waste. West Berkshire Council has chosen to use a disposal option that maximises recycling and composting. ...read more.


The operating cost over the 20-year contract period is said to be £3.7million/year, and the cost per household just £63.99/year, which is less than half of the options 3,4, and 5. The fact that West Berkshire have carefully considered the pricing factors, and conducted a cost-benefit analysis for 5 different options suggests they are considering a sustainable option. By choosing an affordable option they are ensuring that the scheme can successfully continue with the resources we have, i.e. being sustainable. West Berkshire has made a number of achievements since the 20-year contract was put into place. These include the launch of composting campaign which resulted in over 1758 (2000/01) ...read more.


of the ways to solve and reduce the waste The waste management hierarchy classifies waste management strategies according to their desirability in terms of waste minimisation. The waste hierarchy remains the cornerstone of most waste minimisation strategies. The hierarchy shows that the most favoured option is to prevent and minimise the waste being produced, but the least favoured options being to use ?energy recovery? and disposal. It is evident that west Berkshire are taking into consideration the most desirable options as their action plan looks at a number of ways in which they can prevent and minimise waste, these range from waste awareness days to the ?real nappy campaign?. These plans by west berks are crucial for the sustainability of the waste management scheme. ...read more.

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