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Village Study : Kempsey

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Village Study : Kempsey Kempsey as a Village. Kempsey, the biggest village in Worcestershire, is located approximately three miles South of Worcester on the A38 and around one to two miles from Junction 7 of the M5 motorway. It is also close to the M50 motorway which links the M5 to South Wales. Railway links can also be found in nearby Worcester, to where there is a frequent bus service, approximately one every hour. The village itself dates back to around and has many references in records for many reasons, among them references to Kempseys' church, St Mary's. The church dates back to the 15th Century and although it suffered heavily through history it is still standing today, to the West of the village, close to the banks of the River Severn, which meanders to the edge of the village, before continuing onto Upton-Upon-Severn. Kempseys Church, St. Mary's. Kempsey is comprised of houses and services dating back over a long period of time. Cottages near the Church are mentioned around the time of the Civil War, due to them being used as a field hospital by Oliver Cromwell. At the same time the Church was being used as stables for his troops horses. There are also many other old cottages, dotted around the village, with thatched roofs. ...read more.


The people in Kempsey even set up their own tennis club of which there are over 200 members. Plans are underway for a local bowling green on the playing fields and this now looks a reality in the not too distant future. While local policing may not be up to full strength there is an active neighbourhood watch scheme in nearly every road. This provides a useful deterrent to burglars and there is not much local crime. Evidence of Housing and Service Change. As population figures show Kempsey has expanded physically over time, effectively doubling its population as a result. Through the usage of a few photographs I hope to show this expansion, over time, of the village. Originally just a cluster of houses with a few being added through the course of time, Kempsey underwent a massive expansion after the Second World War. Areas built up, which were council housing, included Ellsdon and Windmill Lane, shown in the following photograph : Windmill Lane. Also on Ellsdon is the site of Kempsey Primary School. This site was occupied when the school moved from its previous site at the top of the village in the early '70s'. Kempsey is overwhelmed with other services too. ...read more.


These such clusters can be found opposite the junction of Napleton Lane and Oakfield Drive, at the bottom of Squires Walk, near the Main Road, Lyfs Lane, and near the junction of Old Road North and Brookend Lane. All these houses have been built on either wasteland within the village or brownfield sites. There has been no development of greenfield sites. New developments on brownfield sites within the village. As such rural planning schemes have not affected Kempsey for at least 15 almost 20 years. However there have been various attempts to build on the periphery of the village, by housing giants Prowting, and later on a consortium of other developers in the '90s decade. Each time the attempts made have been foiled by villagers, by in the true spirit of the village, rallying together to voice their strong views against such widespread development. There wish to stay as a dormitory village or commuter village has been heeded. They possess no wish to become merely a suburb of Worcester. With the governments latest proposals on greenfield development and the southern link effectively stopping Worcester from sprawling, it seems that it will be a long time before Kempsey will expand once again with such speed. E.J. Bradford Page 1 of 12 ...read more.

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