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Ways of lifestyle: City vs. Country - How people's lives vary according to where they live.

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Ways of lifestyle: City vs. Country How people's lives vary according to where they live Caption: At the beginning of last century only one tenth of world's population lived in cities. Now a century later more then half the population live in cities. People are inclined to live in the city for various causes. These include work opportunities, entertainment and services. Nevertheless people in the city complain about the stress of city life and talk enviously of country life. Both lives have their own merits and demerits. The lifestyle in the country is definitely quite different to life in the city. People's life in the country is centred on one thing, a pub. In a country town a pub is the central place in everyone's life. ...read more.


In the poem Kominos is given a very unfriendly Welcome by a resident of the town. To him/her kominos is a stranger and knowing nothing about him, automatically become suspicious. Due to their limited exposure to different types of people they believe Kominos to be a truckie or a bikie. Only when he didn't fit into either category they thought ask him who he is. Kominos revealed he is a poet. In 'lord of the veranda', Ingram uses the veranda as a symbol for the unchanging nature and simpleness of traditional country life. Ingram Unlike the country, city life is a more sophisticated way of living. The fashionable city people are slaves to their lifestyle. They cannot act relaxed or casual as they are to busy trying to be stylish. ...read more.


The poem shows how girls in a residential college are immersed in their appearance. In this poem the poet is suggesting how engrossed girls are in looking their best but in the end it doesn't matter as they give into peer pressure and start drinking excessively. In this poem the girls are too in involved in their materialistic way of thinking just like other youths in the city. Some of these aspects of youth culture are reflected in an article written by Danielle Teutsch. In this article experts implied binge drinking is a bigger problem then drugs among youngsters. In the last few years the rate of teenagers drinking excessively has risen above the rate of drugs. Another major concern is the number of teenage girls admitting to abusing alcohol. This is a major worry as marketing strategies target young women and this leads to such issues as peer pressure and self image as shown in the poem 'the girls' ...read more.

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