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With reference to named examples, explain how governments are attempting to overcome the problems of rapid urbanisation.

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With reference to named examples, explain how governments are attempting to overcome the problems of rapid urbanisation. Urbanisation is the rapid movement of people from rural areas into urban areas. This generally occurred in MEDC's in the mid 19th Century, and is currently occurring in LEDC's. Urbanisation has many negative effects on a city, these can include deindustrialisation, housing problems, ethnic minority groups and poor quality of life. Deindustrialisation is the movement of manufacturing industries away from inner city areas. New technologies which start up in the area require a smaller work force. This leads to unemployment. What jobs are available are split into two jobs with half the wage, this leads to under employment where people can barely afford to live. ...read more.


Quality of life criteria have been used to highlight the substandard housing, educational disadvantage, ill-health, deprivation and poor environments (e.g. pollution). The residential populations typically include those least able to move such as the elderly and recent immigrants. A number of policies have been introduced to try to reduce the problems of inner-cities, these include; gentrification, conservation and rehabilitation and central government policies. Gentrification is the term used to describe the improvement of old buildings usually by private investment. The external of the appearance of the building is restored to its original quality and the interior is modernised. Gentrification can involve housing directly, like the Georgian terraces of London, another example is the Docklands Development Scheme where old factories or warehouses have been converted into houses. ...read more.


These policies include grants enterprising zones and city action teams. The London Docklands Development Corporation started a massive project in redesigning the Docklands, they built the light railway the city airport, new housing areas and new industrial opportunities. Much redevelopment has taken place in Salford Docks, in Manchester, where hotels, houses, factories, warehouses and a leisure complex have all been added to the Dockland area. In conclusion, urbanisation has caused many problems in both MEDC's and LEDC's, the governments of these areas have been trying to counteract these problems by reversing them or slowing them down. The solutions are often expensive but have many positive effects to the area. The aims of these policies are to improve the quality of life for the people in the inner city areas and to provide better opportunities for them. Many of these solutions have provided these results. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amye Harrison ...read more.

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