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World Development Essay. The Role of Charities.

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Assignment 2: ?It?s up to us to decide what happens next.? Task 1: I consider the main ?problem? in the world today to be ?Nearly 1 billion people are going hungry. Over 50% of grain trade around the world is used for animal feed or bio fuel.? I feel this is a huge problem because of the inequality of it. Lots of charities are working hard to raise money and give aid to the people in need, but we still need to do so much more to help. We all have a responsibility to help other human beings; we are so lucky in the developed world, the variety and choice of safe nutritious food and drinks is endless, yet we take it for granted. This is not a new problem, groups of people have been trying to help prevent starvation for many decades. Oxfam Committee for Famine Relief was set up in the 1940?s during world war II. As many people in Europe were starving due to road blocks which prevented free movement of food supplies, this charity?s work still goes on today. ...read more.


In East Africa there is a food shortage following the worst drought in 60 years. Nigeria is another country in Africa which doesn?t have enough food to feed it?s people, ?one in four people in Nigeria don?t have enough to eat!? This is where Oxfam steps in and supports small-scale farmers to become more efficient and productive. Oxfam also supports women?s groups, helps farmers get their point across to the government, and lobbies for change that will help food production and reduce the impact of climate change on farming. The Red Cross is another organisation which helps people in need of aid. The Red Cross helps countries in the UK and also overseas such as those in East Africa and West Africa, where there are 19 million people going hungry every day! Save the Children is another high profile charity that helps people, nearly 8 million children die needlessly every year. With regard to the Afghanistan food crisis more than one million afghan children are at risk of going hungry following poor harvests that mean families don?t have enough food to last through the winter. ...read more.


All it takes is as little as ?3 a month to be given to charity which will help these poor people to turn their lives around. People can also donate their clothes and most unwanted items to their local charity shop and this in turn will make profits for the charities to use in these countries. In 2003 Oxfam?s natural disasters response teams helped 532,000 people reconstruct their homes ensuring people had safe places to live; they also provided vital food aid when the Haiti earthquake happened. Oxfam are helping people who have been caught up in the latest Yemen crisis, where millions of people are facing a severe humanitarian crisis, widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition. I feel we can help by volunteering both at home and abroad. A few hours given can help raise vital funds here; and people with skills such as engineering, agriculture, building, health care and counsellors could give very valuable help in the crisis hit areas, by teaching them vital skills enabling them to help themselves and others. ...read more.

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