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Applied Psychology Perspectives for Health & Social Care

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´╗┐Paris Diana Burns, 20044037, Unit 29 Peter Carlsson, Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended. Applied Psychology Perspectives for Health & Social Care ________________ Within this assignment I will be extending my knowledge and understanding of the psychological perspectives and their application to all different health and social care sectors. I will be showing a great understanding of the specific behaviours such as it might be encountered within health and social care settings, the contribution of psychological perspectives to the management and treatment of all of these theories. Explanation and treatment of behaviours ________________ Within P2 I will be explaining psychological theories of anorexia nervosa and other Phobias. Also, I will be discussing different theories in relation to these behaviours and show how they are complementary or contrasting theories to one another. With these theories I am going to be choosing it from to explain phobia and anorexia with cognitive psychology, social learning theory and behaviourism. Phobias ________________ A phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. Fear is a form of anxiety that is triggered by a situation or an object. ...read more.


Finally punishment would occur when something had been taken away due to the individual?s behaviour. For example- 1. ?A young boy has a phobia of sheep, they went on a school trip to Wales and overcome his phobia of them and got treated with a reward from his teacher.? 2. ?A young boy reacted unpleasantly to the response of his phobia of sheep and due to this; he had been removed from the trip because of his desired behaviour.? 3. ?A young boy had reacted to his phobia of sheep whilst on a trip with the school, because he had reacted to the phobia, the teacher would take something that he enjoys away from him, to make him learn and to help fight against his phobia of sheep.? By using the rewarding scheme is a good technique for anyone that has a phobia of an object or situation. This is probably one of the best treatments to cure a phobia of an individual, like the example above. This can be done by either a family member, counsellor or teacher/work colleague, they would use the scheme to help the individual overcome the phobia because the more that they get rewarded the more they notice they are doing the right thing and they will overcome the fear. ...read more.


Limitations of existing models are highlighted and gaps in our knowledge, including knowledge of variables that typically have a central role in cognitive theory, are identified. Further strategies to test the hypotheses derived from the theory are suggested, together with strategies that might extend existing theory. It is concluded that much further research is needed, both to test the validity of existing theoretical contributions and to extend the theory so it will be more useful in clinical practice. This would affect any person, if they got picked on from what they ate or because of their weight, this would then stop most people from eating in front of people, or eating altogether. Bullying because of someone?s weight can cause an individual to become anorexic and by messing with the individuals schemas. Counselling is the best form of treatment for any individual when it comes to the cognitive theory, because through counselling they can give the individual the right information of their anorexia and give them the benefit that they aren?t what they are. With anorexia the individual thinks that they are overweight or that they need to lose weight, with professional counselling they can help the individual to see their real self and to try and higher their self-esteem and make them realise that they do have a problem that can be resolved. ...read more.

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