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Choose three complementary therapies- acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy or reflexology. Describe the therapies chosen, together with their origins, philosophy and contraindications.

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Friday 31^st January 2003 BTEC National Diploma In Health Studies Complementary Therapies Task 1 Choose three complementary therapies- acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy or reflexology. Describe the therapies chosen, together with their origins, philosophy and contraindications. Reflexology The principle of reflexology is that there are reflexes in both feet and hands that correspond to every gland, organ and system in the body. The origin of reflexology dates back over 5000 years to Egypt and China, we know this by a wall painting in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back to 2330 BC at Saqqara (south of Cairo). Modern reflexology dates back to 1902 when an American ear, nose and throat specialist (Dr William Fitzgerald), rediscovered it and published his findings. Which were that pressure on certain parts of the body seemed to have calming effects in other areas in the body. There are many theories, which clarify how reflexology works. For example William Fitzgerald believed that it's effect on the body was 'analgesic relaxing and nerve blocking'. Another theory is that it stimulates the body to release endorphins and encephalins (which are natural pain relievers and mood enhancers). There are many contraindications to reflexology; the following are reasons why people should not undergo the treatment; � Without the permission of the their doctor, if they are currently being treated for an illness. ...read more.


Task 2 Using the therapies that you have chosen, analyse the applications of the different complementary therapies. Reflexology In the 1930's Eunice Ingham, used William Fitzgerald's findings on reflexology, as a starting point where she mapped the feet to reflect zones in the whole body. Ingham then went on to develop a system of compression massage on the feet (mainly on the soles), which is also known as 'thumb walking'. On the next page is a diagram of the soles of a pair of feet. This diagram show's which parts of the feet are supposed to correspond with what parts of the body, for example all the main organs. The diagram on the previous page illustrates how zones on the feet are thought to correspond with different parts of the body. It is believed that illness shows up as tender spots on the reflex area of the organs that are affected, and by applying a soothing massage to the correct points on the foot, it can treat almost any area or organ of the body. It is believed that illness occurs because of a blockage in the body's 'energy channels', Reflexology is directed at breaking down these blockages, allowing energy to flow freely again. Aromatherapy In aromatherapy there is more than one technique that is used to administer essential oils into the body. ...read more.


The practice of acupuncture may differ from place to place, but the concept remains the same, but it all originates from 'the traditional acupuncture' theory, which is based on the Daoist idea of yin and yang. Task 3 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different complementary therapies. Reflexology Advantages of reflexology are that it leaves the client feeling relaxed, happy and less stressed. Also doctors believe that little harm can come from this therapy and the majority of people find it very beneficial. It has been known to help with problems such as digestion, constipation, fluid retention (swollen legs), stress and fatigue. Aromatherapy There are many advantages to aromatherapy, for example- it can be an effective stress reliever and helps to counteract PMS, insomnia anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy oils can be mixed to help ease muscle strain, rebalance skin problems, help with respiratory and circulatory problems and to help strengthen the immune system Disadvantages of aromatherapy can be by the misuse/overuse of essential oils, which can have adverse effects on certain people. For it can cause headaches and a general feeling of nausea. This is not true in all cases for certain aromatic smells can have this affect on certain people, without there being any misuse of the oils. Acupuncture Advantages to acupuncture are that it is beneficial for skin problems, especially eczema. Also it is known to help with chronic fatigue, ME, menstrual and menopausal problems. ...read more.

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