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Creative Writing - Isolated.

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Isolated They have the impertinence to label me introvert, my family, school and everyone that 'knows' me. Yet they all constantly cluster me with insults which hurt me so bad it was as if some one was cutting deeply into my heart with a freshly sharpened knife, resulting in my mind revolving around these hurtful but factual comments, wishing that I could alter myself so I could have a better looking physical appearance so I could be accepted, and would not attract these demoralizing, life damaging comments. My mum, whilst I was in the early process of growing up, never called me beautiful or complimented me in the way other mums did to their children, I would observe how other children's parents my age would describe their daughter's as their " beautiful little princess" and various other wonderful names. I remembered the desire I had in my heart to hear my mum call me a name like that complimenting my appearance or just me myself, even if she was to just say ...read more.


People believe I am introvert because I don't talk to no-one, this is because I can not talk to no-one. Everyone around me is horrible to me each time I say something I am teased, this has happened to me all my life where ever I go, even when I am simply walking down the street people look at me in amazement and disgust, wondering how I turned out so ugly. Starting conversation with people draws attention to myself, this is why I simply keep my self to my self, horrible people have made me this way I never used to feel as self conscious although I was aware of how fat and ugly I was I never used to care, it never used to bother me, but it always seemed to bother other people, people can not resist telling me how bad I look they always tell me how I look wherever I go, it's like a broken record repeatedly telling me over and over again. ...read more.


was just two years old as a result of someone drink-driving who accidentally my run my dad over, I think this is the reason why I became obese. The misery caused by my dad not being around and not having no-one to talk to and share my problems with caused me to become depressed which makes me wanting to eat all the time to take my mind of things, also due to the fact I don't like to go out much because I feel everyone is watching me so I just rather stay in where nobody can see me, where I am safe. I am deeply lonesome, the closest relationship I have is with my pet cat 'Bubbles', and he's not that much good because he can't talk back to me and communicate, although he is a good listener, much better than mum and anyone else I have meet in my life. I hate life, I don't see the point of living when I am only living to die. I am truly Isolated! ...read more.

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