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D2-Evaluate how the research project into eating patterns could have been improved

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´╗┐Unit 22, M4, D2 K. B D2-Evaluate how the research project could have been improved The topic & main aim of the research was to find out the eating patterns of college students. I feel that the sample that I used were at a right age of 16 to 19 year olds. I feel this was the best age sample to use because the sample we questioned were more or less my age so I could analyse them and relate to the results more better rather than questioning an elderly user or a middle aged user because I wouldn?t always understand their concepts of their eating patterns. ...read more.


Furthermore I feel that if I were to have a sample where I would use only a specific race then it would affect & change the results greatly. In class we were given a choice by our teacher of what research method we would like to use for the coursework. Some students were confused of whether to use questionnaires or interviews so our teacher played a helpful part because he took time to explain to the class as a whole the advantages & disadvantages of both questionnaires & interviews. After he taught us this we fully understand the difference between the research methods and had a better insight on what we found easier to use in order to pass the coursework. ...read more.


All the participants that participated in the survey were all attentive when I was debriefing them about the true aims of the survey. None of the students complained or made any disruptions while completing the questionnaire; this made the survey worthwhile. I feel that by choosing questionnaires as a research method I was able to collect vast amounts of samples. When I gathered the information given by the students I felt that it was very easy applying the results onto a graph or table in order to come up with a final conclusion of the overall purpose of the survey. I felt that everything was much clearer to calculate and explain rather than interviews because that would?ve been more complex to calculate. Furthermore the research method of questionnaires was the right choice to make and could not have been improved. ...read more.

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