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Describe the potential influences of 5 life factors on the development of individuals.

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Using the Dahlgren and Whitehead (1991) model, describe 6 factors that affect health in the UK. P4 1. Education People's health status and life expectancy depend on their levels of education. For example, good education leads to better employment prospects, i.e. people with higher education are more likely to find well paying jobs, increasing their chances for having stable incomes. Education also gives people the experience and knowledge they need to know how to cope with change or bad situations, i.e. money problems. This results in them having a sense of control over their circumstances, which reduces the risk of stress and, in turn, contributes to better health. Lastly, education makes it easier for people to access information and resources to make decisions about their health. Conversely, poor education can lead to unemployment. Unemployment might result in: � Laziness. � De-motivation. � Having poor food quality. � Homelessness. � Social exclusion. � Marginalization. � Stress-poor mental well being. There is evidence to suggest that women with higher levels of education are more likely to have normal birth weight babies, whereas women with lower levels of education have a greater risk for premature birth, low birth weight babies and stillbirth. Low educational levels are also associated with stress, leading to high blood pressure and poor blood sugar. Dementia (losing mental abilities) seems to be higher among older people with less schooling. ...read more.


The health impacts of condensation are similar to those of dampness. Mould and fungi can also be allergenic. Cold Homes For every degree that the temperature falls below the winter average there are approximately 8,000 extra deaths. Cold homes are caused by inadequate heating systems or poor insulation. Health impacts if cold homes include: � Respiratory illness � Cardiovascular conditions � Hypothermia � Increased risk of accidents and falls � Mental health (depression/isolation) � Rheumatism and arthritis 4. Gender Gender has various different effects on people's health. Women and men suffer from different diseases. Some diseases will be more common in men, and others will be more common in women. For example, women are more likely to be clinically depressed or have an anxiety disorder. Evidence (http://nsmc.staywellsolutionsonline.com) suggests that women are three times more likely to face the destructive effects of depression than men are. Depression is a serious health threat at times when women expect to be happiest: during and after pregnancy. Women also react differently to drugs, i.e. certain high blood pressure medications and antibiotics are more effective in women, whereas anaesthesia isn't as effective in women. The following are the main health problems that are more likely in women: � Asthma. � Obesity. � Menopause. � Eating disorders. � Macular degeneration. � Osteoporosis. (80% of the people suffering from this disease, are women) ...read more.


http://www.scope.org.uk/issues/health.shtml * Disability Rights Commission Health Inequalities Debate A website listing the DRC's priorities for tackling health inequalities http://www.drc.org.uk/disabilitydebate/priorities/tackle_health_inequalities.asp Many disabled people and their families feel isolated and unsupported when it somes to the availability of healthcare services. Every day, people put express discriminatory views against disabled people, if even just subconciously. When discrimination occurs in society, it may make disabled people feel marginalised and excluded. This may have dramatic effects on their self-esteem, and make them very self-concious about an unfortune they can't even help. However, sometimes discrimination may also occur in healthcare situations. The Disability Rights Commission (DRC), conducted some research which found that: * People with learning disabilities are four times more likely to die as a result of a preventable condition * People with diagnosed schizophrenia die, on average, nine years before the rest of the population * Fewer than 20 percent of learning disabled women attend cervical screening * People with learning disabilities are 58 times more likely to die before the age of 50 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4081773.stm) Unequal access and treatment in health services for disabled people should have been addressed by the Disability Discrimination Act, which came into force in 1999. Many health service providers have failed to focused on physical access for disabled people and how services are provided, e.g. receiving treatment information in large print (for people with slight visual impairments) or on tape (for people with hearing impairments). Achieving equality means making adjustments, such as considering using sign language, braille, ramps, etc. if needed. ...read more.

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