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Describe the roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to infection prevention and control in a health or social care workplace

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P5-Describe the roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to infection prevention and control in a health or social care workplace In this assignment I am going to be writing about the roles and responsibilities of; * Care workers * Managers * Specialist health workers * Environmental health officers * Health protection units * Non- care workers * Visitors Care workers Care workers, such as health care assistance, social care assistants and senior health and social care workers, all have different kinds of roles and responsibilities that they have to follow. They have to always be aware of and report changes in the health conditions of the individuals that they support. They also have a responsibility to assist with keeping work areas, and equipment clean, tidy and free from infection hazards. They are also encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene for themselves as well as their service users. ...read more.


They all send their staff on training so that they are fully prepared for the job they are about to take on. Another important responsibility is to give advice and guidance on infection and control issues, such as how to manage an outbreak of infection. (Mitchie.V, Baker.L,2008). Doctors are another kind of specialist health workers and they have very important jobs. They Visit regularly and frequently and have a regular time for reviews. They are also encouraged to have individual and ward treatment policies available and accessible for out of hour's medical cover. Doctors need to be aware of the potential for many types of abuse of dependent and difficult patients and be involved in plans and training for prevention, recognition and management of abuse. Their main role is to diagnose and treat infection diseases and health associated infections. They also have to notify the Environmental Health Officer work for local authorities and give advice to people about certain diseases and infection. ...read more.


They can make an impact on infection prevention through either direct or indirect contact with the care environment and the people who work within it. If at some stage, the non care workers come in contact with people in their work place, they will need to know any safety measures that they should take, for example, if a client has some sort of infectious disease. (Ayling.P, 2007). In many organisations, it is important for any clerical staff to be aware of potential hazards which could harm their health. This is because, administrations assistants have contact with individuals while taking their personal details, so being made aware of any potential hazards, means they can report it following the admission procedure. Visitors Visitor's have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of infection and the workers within the environment should encourage them to comply with hygiene policies and procedures. This includes; * Wearing clean clothes * Washing and drying your hands when appropriate * Talk to someone in charge if they have any queries about the cleanliness of the environment. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a very brief report. It discusses the main factors to consider whilst preventing and controlling infectious diseases for each type of health care worker, but much more detail and research could have been added to this. ***

Marked by teacher Michelle Turrell 01/03/2013

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