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Describe the US Department of Health and Human Services

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´╗┐HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Health and Human Services/Option A Tanya Savage HCS 212 August 27, 2012 Lisa Williams ________________ Health and Human Services/Option A President Jimmy Carter generated the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services in 1980. In 1953, The Federal Security Agency (FSA) converted to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. In the 1990s there were three different changes made. The first thing is the Social Security Administration became a self-regulating agency, and the social security official began conveying to the president. The second thing is the United States Public Health Services has 11 operating divisions and eight agencies; the operating divisions reports to the secretary. The department reported to the assistant secretary since 1968. Federal Aid to Families with Dependent Children (welfare) was terminated by Congress in 1996 and replaced with block grants to the states. They administer more than 300 grants to local and state leadership programs. The department is accountable for guarding Americans health and essential human services needed for people who cannot help themselves, they administer more grants as well as the responsibility of a quarter of all federal disbursements. ...read more.


The department gives assistance to most if not all of the different classes in society. The types of services provided by the department fluctuates from rental assistance, family counseling, children services, and drug prevention to name a few but there are many others. The department offers numerous diverse interventions to an array of United States citizens: groups, families, individuals to support them with their necessities. These interventions are to help clients lessen problems that they are facing to maintain their health. Some of the intervention services are aging, drug, alcohol, crisis intervention, anger management, case management, welfare, mental health, tobacco counseling, and health, to name a few but there are many more. The Department of Health and Human Services has many functions as well as career choices. It is a general term for people who directly help other people for a career. There are many organizations within the Department of Health and Human Services that one can find gainful and meaningful employment such as group homes, alcohol abuse centers, drug abuse facilities, health care facilities, and many more family oriented agencies or facilities. ...read more.


The author may have industrial skills and get a job keeping industrial workers safe. There are also jobs to make ergonomic devices and workspaces as well as analyzing data as a biostatician. The degree of schooling is the degree of which the career can go. There are so many career pathways for public health professionals. The areas these professionals work in are as follows: environmental health, maternal health, child health, transmittable diseases, etc. The position held by these professionals is educator, health manager, epidemiologists, etc. The person looking for a career in this field can tailor his career path to his interests and strengths. The United States has made magnificent steps in dealing with the many disease and injuries that inundated the country in the 20th century because of the execution of public health actions such as inoculations, better sanitation, and healthier behaviors. However, there is much more work that needs to be addressed such as infectious disease, chronic illness, and injury. Health and Human Service Professionals are important, and they are essential to enhance the health of the community because as long as there are people there will be a need for the Department of Health and Human Services. ...read more.

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