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Development through the Life Stages Assignment Task 1 M1/D1 Nature-Nurture Debate

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´╗┐Development through the Life Stages Assignment Task 1 M1/D1 ? Nature-Nurture Debate The nature and nurture debate is about whether a child?s development is mostly influenced by environment (nurture) or genetics (nature). The nature part of the argument is that biological factors have the biggest influence on a person?s development. Any capabilities or limitations are genetics and that ?genetic blueprint? for exist. An example of this would be when children first start to speak their first language is thought to be because an inbuilt genetic process. And the theory is that children start to naturally become interested in the signs and sounds and the things they see around them. Even though the development is guided by genes it can be argued that the genes cannot function without an environment around them to observe from. The nature can affect so much in a child?s development because it has been shown that if a child was born to alcoholic parents and was taken away a within the few months since it was born and was raised in a stable home with no alcoholics they are still more likely to become an alcoholic when they are older. ...read more.


Genetic factors can influence a child?s physical development in terms of their ability in movement and mobility and in their continuation of growth in height and weight through their life stages. Genetic factors that can also affect a person?s physical development that could be genetically inherited conditions such as down?s syndrome. This can delay the growth ability to carry out the gross motor skills and also the fine motor skills which an average child develops during their childhood. Between 0-3 years old intellectually at around two years old naturally they would be able to talk and they would also start building up sentences. And this is also affected by their environment because the child would learn words from the sounds they hear around them and they would start repeating them and that?s how they start learning how to talk by their environment. When they are between 11-18 years old they would have to choose what they want to do connected to what they want to do at university and naturally they would either choose what they want to be or what they are best at but their decisions could be affected because they might want to do the same things as their friends because they don?t want to be separated. ...read more.


During their adolescence years that?s when the way they dress and interests are influenced by celebrities and by their friends because they want to be accepted and liked by other people. At the end I think a person?s development is mostly nurtured meaning that their environment has a bigger factor on a person?s development. This is because when we were still learning how to walk and talk it is affected by our environment because if our parents or other people didn?t help us learn how to walk then we wouldn?t be able to learn how to walk and if it wasn?t by the people around us or from the sounds we have heard then we wouldn?t be able to learn how to talk because we just repeat what other people say and that?s how we start to talk. And even when we grow up we are still affected by our environment especially during our adolescence years because that?s when we try to fit in with other people and try copying the way other people dress. And that?s the reason as to why I think nurture plays a big factor in a person?s development. ...read more.

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