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Evaluate the requirements of health care workers in terms of providing a competent workforce for the health sector

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D1-Evaluate the requirements of health care workers in terms of providing a competent workforce for the health sector Lord Darzi published High Quality Care for All in 2008 which looked at workers and patients experience of the NHS. A key part of High Quality of Care is ensuring that patients are treated with compassion and respect and in a safe and well managed area. The NHS relies on its staff to deliver this. Staff need to be competent, to have the skills, knowledge they need to do the job, as well as sticking to the values of the NHS and patient centered care. A key skill for health workers is reliability which is very important in a patient centred care, particularly as much of the work in hospitals works on the basis of shifts. So turning up late or not at all not only impacts on the patient who can not then be seen and then has a negative view of the service, but on other colleagues who are not able to finish their shift on time. ...read more.


They might fear side effects of the medicine that they have been prescribed or think that the exercises they have been told to do will make their injury worse and not do them. At the same time as being empathetic health care workers need to maintain a professional distance so that they can properly asses the patient and not get drawn into a too intimate relationship which could mean that they miss things, or end up by causing problems to the health service, if the patient insists they will only talk to that healthcare worker. They will also need to be able to maintain that distance to ensure that they are able to convey difficult or uncomfortable messages to the patient, who might not want to take responsibility for their health and the need to follow through on exercises or medicines that have been prescribed. Healthcare workers rarely work alone; they work as part of a team, and so must be able to work with a range of other people from doctors, to nurses and other specialist healthcare workers. ...read more.


to ensure that other members of the team are aware of what each member is doing in relation to the patient so that do not cut across each other. Taking responsibility for themselves and for others is also very important. With patient centred care they need to realise that if they see something that is wrong or has not been done, they need to high light this and not just leave it for someone else to pick up. If left it might not get picked up and could result in an injury if a spillage is not cleaned up, or a patient receiving the wrong treatment. It also means that health workers need to take responsibility for keeping up their skills and ensuring that they are up to date. Or asking if they do not know something even if they think it will make them look stupid, and of possibly having to do or say uncomfortable things such as reporting a colleague who has not done what they were supposed to do, or turned up late, or was unable to carry out their tasks competently. An anti discrimination approach is key to ensuring that patients get quality care. ...read more.

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This essay partially evaluates the requirements for health care workers in ensuring an effective competent service workforce is provided. Flexibility, team work and using an anti-discriminatory approach have been evaluated well. Some improvements could be made to the sections on interpersonal skills and taking responsibility. Other requirements could also be added, such as the need for research skills as health care workers use evidence based practice, and prevention of infection skills so as to reduce the incidence of infections, such as MRSA. The essay started with reference to one of the then current papers; it would have been good to see more reference to this within the body of the essay, so as to provide evidence for the comments made within the evaluation. There is no bibliography provided.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 30/07/2013

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