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Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual with cystic fibrosis.

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________________ P2 unit 4 Development through life stages P2 Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual. Possible things A person can develop in many ways through there life as they become more mature physically and mentally. There are certain factors that influence a person?s development and sometimes this can make their development slower, faster or even in pain. Life factors are the overview of a person?s entire life and how they live or did live their lives from a child to and adult. In this criterion there will be a further discussion on Nancy 68 year old women. There will be an insight on her life factors through the two of her life stages. The life stage will be when she was a child aged 4-9 and adult aged18-65. The life factors that will be explained are: Genetic Biological Environmental Socioeconomic As a child Nancy had a lot of life factors that influenced her development. Genetically there are mainly influences that affect a child?s life. At conception Nancy was made by 23 pairs of chromosomes within each pair one was her fathers and the other her mothers. The chromosome pairs are the inheritance that is carried to create a new person. These genes are made up by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that has instructions in them in producing proteins that produce the human being. There can sometimes be faults within the (DNA) that can lead a baby to grow up having severe illness. ...read more.


She may have difficulties in developing socially due to her being different at that age it is most likely that she is judged and treated differently by her peers. Her learning difficulties can also have influences on her intellectual development as her cognitive ability may be lower than the people of her age. She may take longer to learn certain things. This means she would need more help in school and also extra support in other cognitive abilities. Around 70% of children with FAS have severe hyperactivity, frequently engaging in disturbing self-stimulating behaviours such as body rocking, head banging or head rolling. All children with FAS suffer from severe developmental disabilities that cause substantial problems when they start school. Intellectual and behavioural disorders cause considerable impediment to education. Childhood development Lack of comprehension, judgement and attention skills cause. In Nancy?s adult stage she will also have potential effects that her intellectual development. Adults born with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) experience major psychosocial and adjustment problems for the rest of their lives. Also they go through antisocial behaviour and inability to live independently is common. Adults with this syndrome are more likely to have problems of alcoholism or drug abuse or to have problems with the criminal justice system. Environmental influences to Nancy?s child hood development would be her family. Nancy lived in the West Indies as a child. This was most likely with an extended family. This had a positive influence on Nancy?s emotional development as she had a lot of people around her to support and lover her. ...read more.


Bad diets can have badly includes on a child?s development in all the different parts. Physical developments include in Nancy?s life becoming obese and also having saver tooth decay. Eating an unhealthy diet can lead a person having issues in growth due to not in taking the right nutrients. Emotional developments can also be a development problem of Nancy as she may eat through depression. This can have huge psychological issues on Nancy in the future. As an n adult the potential effects of Nancy?s lifestyle may be that she may get lots of illness that are related to being obese. For example coronary heart disease or diabetes type 1 or 2. As a dolt her social development may also lack as she may choose to stay in and eat rather than to go out and socialise. As once a person has created an emotional bond with food it is hard to overcome the bond and stop feeling as though food ids the persons best friend. This can have major social development issues as it can lead them to becoming obsessed with food and excessively eating can have bad effects on Nancy?s internal body if she is to have been eating in the same regular routine since she was a child. Overall there are many potential influences on Nancy?s life developments within the stages of childhood and adulthood. These two stages within Nancy?s life are very significant and can be influenced very easily. Physical, intellectual, emotional and language developments are effected through the life factors and these can change a person?s life for the best or the worst. ...read more.

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This assignment has been written for unit 4 of the BTEC Health and Social Care course. It aims to achieve P2 ‘explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual’. Genetic and biological factors are initially explained, linking each to a case study that has been provided in the assignment brief. A mostly good understanding of cystic fibrosis and foetal alcohol syndrome has been shown, although for the latter there is evidence of plagiarism which has been discounted from the evidence provided. Family dysfunction has been used for the example of environmental factors, but this is not explained fully. A low income has been used for an example of socio-economic factors; a mostly good understanding has been shown when linked to the case study, but again there is evidence of plagiarism for non-relevant content. Diet and nutrition have been used as the example for lifestyle. It has sometimes been linked to the case study appropriately. However this section requires improvements to the content. Overall, five factors have been explained but with proofreading and changes, according to the feedback provided, a clearer, accurate and more detailed explanation would be provided.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 09/05/2013

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