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For this statement I am going to write about three polices that are relevant to my care setting, they include the child protection policy, healthy eating policy and the discipline policy.

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Describe the purpose and monitoring of three polices that are in place in the chosen care setting For this statement I am going to write about three polices that are relevant to my care setting, they include the child protection policy, healthy eating policy and the discipline policy. For each of these policies I am going to state what the policy does, the reason behind each of the policies and I shall describe how each of the polices are being monitored. Child protection policy This policy states that children are dependent on their parents or any adult they know for protection. All staff must be able to recognise abuse and know of the procedures that follow in order to protect the child. The main purpose for this policy in any care setting is to inform the staff of their responsibilities when working with children. Also to make sure that all the children's needs and rights are met. Theses include the need for physical care and attention, the need for intellectual stimulation, the need for emotional love and security and the need for social contact and relationships. ...read more.


This includes both their physical and mental wellbeing. The healthy eating habits that are learnt at the nursery are usually kept through their lives and into adulthood. This healthy lifestyle at a young age can help to reduce the risk s of obesity, diabetes, iron deficiency and dental problems. The purpose behind the healthy eating policy are to promote the drinking of water as the first and best choice of drink, to promote healthy eating in all activities in the nursery and to model healthy eating when eating in public. There are plenty of ways to monitor the healthy eating policy in action but the nursery which I attend for my placement monitors it by continuing checking to see if the staff, children and families are following the policy and by having monthly meeting to make sure that everything is going according to plan. The employees themselves are taught about healthy eating policy and what it involves they also go on training courses to increase their knowledge on the topic of healthy eating, this training is usually repeated every two years. ...read more.


I punishing them by taking them away from the rest of the group and make them sit on their own then they have to apologies for what they have done, but in no account shall a member of staff ever shout at a child or discipline them in a physical way. If a child is continually having disciple problems it will be discussed with the parents or the carers to deal with is in a way that is sympathetic with the nursery policy. The purpose of this policy is to clarify what is considered as appropriate and non appropriate discipline methods. The discipline guidelines allow the children to recognise what behaviour is accepted from the staff and the other children The person who is in charge of the cr�che centre as well as some outside agencies are the ones who monitor this policy. The way they carry this out is by conducting regular reviews of the behaviour organization policy and procedures in order to assess them and make sure that they are consistently and effectively applied. The cr�che owner will keep the governing body up to date. ...read more.

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