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Health and safety representatives have the responsibility to make and manage risk assessments.

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´╗┐Roles and Responsibilities Health and safety representatives: Making risk assessments: Health and safety representatives have the responsibility to make and manage risk assessments. They are responsible for educating employees of the surgery to ensure they recognise both hidden and more obvious health and safety issues, and keeping them at the top of workplace and branch agendas. Risk assessments are a legal requirement for businesses with five or more employees to do. The level of detail in a risk assessment should be proportionate to the risk and appropriate to the nature of the work. For example they would visit the doctor?s surgery, assess the areas that are required to have a risk assessment, and either makes a risk assessment or check and analyse one that has already been made. For example, in a doctor's surgery, the health and safety representative would be required to carry out risk assessments on all areas of the building necessary, and analyse and minimise any risks. They would also be required to regularly check the risk assessments are up to date and that the control measures are being put into practice in the correct way, e.g. that the cupboard in the waiting room is always kept locked when not in use, and that the magazine rack is kept tidy. ...read more.


It would be this person's responsibility to keep a legible record of any incidents that happen anywhere on the site of the doctor's surgery. Service users: Following organisational safety and security procedures: Service users in any place must take responsibility for their behaviour at all times and ensure their behaviour isn't breaking any rules of the place they are in. This is for their own health and safety, the health and safety of other service users around them, and the health and safety of employees and staff they are being cared for by. They must follow the rules set by the health and social care setting and be prepared to be asked to leave if they do not do this. For example, in a doctor's surgery, in the waiting room, the service users would be expected to sit quietly and not be loud or cause disruptions to other service users and visitors, as this would be seen as rude and disrespectful in a waiting room. It is the service user's responsibility to behave appropriately and follow any instructions given by staff. Working with others to ensure health, safety and security: Service users also have the responsibility to work with others to ensure the health, safety and security of not only themselves, but those around them too, for example other service users, employees, visitors etc. ...read more.


If they find that this is not the case then they have the responsibility to address it and either do something about it themselves or report it to the local authority to deal with, who may force them to shut down. For example it would be the NHS trust?s Responsibility to actually visit the doctor?s surgery and assess how well they are doing things and managing risks etc. They would then report back to the local authority what is being done so that they can keep a record of everything, analyse and evaluate it to ensure everything is being done properly. Others (visitors): Understanding limits of own responsibilities: Visitors to health and social care settings must ensure they keep themselves safe. They should do this by being able to understand their own limits of responsibilities and not do anything that could be seen as putting themselves in any danger or risk of harm. They might want to help someone else or get involved with something but they must be able to assess a situation and have a good judgement of whether their actions will put themselves or anyone else in danger, and if so, not do it. Minimising risks: Visitors to health and social care settings must play their part in minimising risks for themselves and for others around them. They must behave appropriately and not do anything that could put themselves or anyone around them at risk. ...read more.

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