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Health and safety. This assignment is about how legislation, roles and responsibilities affect people in the workplace, it is the people who are working in the environment to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum;

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M1 - Promoting Health and safety in the workplace This assignment is about how legislation, roles and responsibilities affect people in the workplace, it is the people who are working in the environment to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum; it's everyone's responsibility to promote health and safety in the workplace. There are various pieces of legislation that outline what the responsibilities of professionals is, this helps professionals, volunteers and charity workers know how they could be working and what they can to do to promote and support theses pieces of legislation. Employee responsibilities Employees play an important part in health and safety, they need to look at legislation and fulfil the role they play in promoting procedures it the employees responsibility to make sure they are working to the right legislation, this is done though going on health and safety courses, this needs to be done a few weeks into employment, this is for employees to under stand the Health and safety at work act, and it is the employees responsibility to ensure they under go this course. ...read more.


Senior staffs are also responsible for putting new employees on training days when they are first employed this is to ensure that adequate training is given where needed so that new members of staff know what to if when certain situations occur and what paper work needs to be written. Senior staffs are also responsible for making sure new employees have CRB checks and that these are up to date before working with venerable people, this is so that anyone who is risk to people and has a criminal conviction is kept from working with people that may not be able to protect themselves. Safeguarding Safeguarding is used by all professionals working with children, young people and vulnerable people, this is important in the fact that it's there to minimise any risks that may affect the welfare of a person, the legislation outlines that all agencies need to work together for the protection of people and that there should be efficient training and courses attended to protect the welfare of people and look at signs of abuse and anything that maybe risking the welfare to a person. ...read more.


Examples of promoting of health and safety in the workplace From my work placement I have seen a number of ways in which staff promote health and safety, one way is though shredding paper work that has any information about people on it and that's no longer need, this protects people and keeps any details or personal information from people it's not meant to be shared with. A second way is though monthly training, this is with the volunteers and includes child protection, what to if situations that are difficult to handle, this promotes health and safety as it's helping in showing us what to do in situations and what safeguarding is. A third way is though filling out sheets at the end of session, the sheets have what we did, how this includes the Every child matters guidelines, what the aims were and how we achieved them, this is so that the youth workers see at the end of each session what was beneficial, if there's anything they missed out in terms of the ECM and it's filled out by all staff so any concerns about a young person are raised. ...read more.

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