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Health as a lifestyle choice. Exercise can have many effects on your body including many positive effects

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´╗┐AO1A Exercise can have many effects on your body including many positive effects. As long as you balance the right amount of exercise with the right diet you can lead yourself to a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended by the NHS that 19-64 year olds do 2.5 hours of exercise a week including muscle strengthening exercises as well as an aerobic activity. This can improve many aspects of your health including physical, mental and social health. Then on top of this it will improve fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, weight control, Physical Health Fitness Doing exercise can keep you fit and this means you can keep your body in shape and improve all sorts of aspects of your body. These improvements won?t happen straight away but as you keep exercising they will gradually get better. To be classed as ?ideally fit? you need to be able to run for the bus without getting out of breath and so exercising daily will make this a more reachable task for you. It will also make many other every day things easier to complete without getting breathless and having more energy to do it. Muscle Strength Exercise can also increase your muscle strength and this contributes to things like core stability; reducing the risk of osteoporosis and it can make you stronger and more able to lift things reducing the risk of strain of injury while doing so. ...read more.


Effects on body systems. When you exercise it has many effects on your body, all over your body including your bones, your muscles, your cardiovascular system and much more. When you exercise many things will happen immediately including faster heart rate, rise in blood temperature and the blood vessels near your skin will open to allow heat to escape. Whereas other things will happen as you start to get healthier when you train regularly. Examples of these effects are your heart muscle will get bigger and stronger, your risk of heart disease will go down, your BPM at rest will go down and you will have a quicker rate of recovery after exercise and the amount of blood pumped out of your heart in a minute will improve as well. When you exercise you will lower your blood pressure, increase your good cholesteral and decrease your levels of bad cholesteral, it will help with weight loss and will also help your circulation, all of these things will decrease your risk of Coronary Heart Disease. Exercise can also help to improve your skeletal system, it will improve your bone mass and bone strength and this then decreases your risk of fractures and falls, this can also improve your coordination and balance. It will improve your posture and this will reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems like aches and strains. ...read more.


Sense of well-being When you exercise, your body releases the natural chemicals called endorphins into your body and this rush of good feeling and happiness can become addictive to some people, making them exercise every day just to get that feeling. Even just doing a small amount of exercise a few times a week can give you this rush and start to improve your overall well-being and mood. The NHS say that exercise can reduce the risk of depression by 30% as well as a lot of other illnesses and diseases reduced by huge amounts, just by exercising. Social Health Doing exercise can also improve your social health because when you do exercise through a gym or club there will be many other people at the same place who you can interact with and talk to. This will also make you more likely to keep going and exercising as you will want to meet your friends and if you decide not to go to the class you will not only be letting yourself down you will be letting them down as well. There are also exercise opportunities where you will have to go away with a team for a weekend or more to play in a competition or something and having a friendship as you go away can make the whole experience go quicker and seem like you are doing a fun activity with your friends rather than actual exercise. ...read more.

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