Promoting Good Health and The effects of ill health on the quality of an individuals life

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Promoting Good Health


Health is a mixture of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being.
Physical health includes total care of your body- fitness, cleanliness, and proper diet.

Physical Health

  • Be active together
  • Plan unusual outings
  • Don't let bad weather stop you
  • Invest in basic facility, equipment or gear
  • Practice the idea of nutrient concentration
  • Provide education and validation

Mental/Emotional health includes liking and accepting self, expressing emotions in a healthy manner, facing life's problems, and dealing with pressure or stress in a positive way.

Emotional Health

  • Work through your own issues
  • make use of outside resources if needed
  • Introduce a variety of coping techniques
  • Take advantage of activities that promote inspect and growth

Social health involves getting along with others, making and keeping friends, and working and getting along in a group.

Social Health

  • Look for ways to become involved in the community
  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Find or create a supportive environment

We all should try to keep our health balance.
This will bring us wellness- an overall state of well-being.

Cognitive Health

  • Become involved in academic activities
  • Create informal learning moments
  • Plan educational outings
  • Encourage problem-solving

Spiritual Health

  • Be open-minded
  • Plan outings that interact with nature
  • Search for organizations that are the right fit for you
  • Introduce concept of meditation

Conclusion of questionnaire

found out that people like to socialise with there friends and family as my set of results show that everyone who participated in my questionnaire thought that question one and two were the most important statements to them. And in column one I found that these were most important to there health.

  • Not smoking
  • Not having a serious illness
  • Not having to take medicines or tablets

These were the main three that people ticked as most important to there health. So from my set of results I have found out that most people:

  • Enjoy being with my family and friends
  • Living a long life
  • Being the right weight for my height
  • Having clear skin, bright eyes and shiny hair
  • Not having a serous illness

The following statement shows that most people think particularly the same things as most people thought the same way.

What is health and well-being? Everyone wants to be healthy but how do we know if we are or not? Health and well-being will mean different things to different people. This is because different factors affect our health and well-being. People look at being healthy in different ways. Some people think they are healthy if they don't have any illness or disease. For example and older adult may consider themselves healthy if they can just get up in the morning. The definition of health involves a broad view of health including physical, mental and social well-being. Well-being is how a person feels this is affected by different influences; social health, emotional health, intellectual health and physical health. These are known as the aspects of health. Physical health- how are body is working if we are healthy.


Personal responsibility for health and well being

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This is a positive concept of health and well being Today, more than ever, personal health responsibility or taking charge of one's own health is an essential step in disease prevention as well as protocols for healing and recovery from disease. Personal health responsibility involves active participation in one's own health and healing plan through education and lifestyle changes. And although the concept of personal health responsibility seems simple, it's often overlooked when people are diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and seeking a quick fix. To ensure they are eating well a sensible intake of nutritious healthy foods such as ...

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