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Health interlinking factors

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Interlinking Factors - Visiting the GP & Excessive Alcohol There are many government schemes and media focus on the use of excessive alcohol and the affects it has on health (16). This means people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers. People who do drink excessively may feel targeted by their GP about their drinking if they visit, being blamed and looked at negatively. In reality the GP would help support them and not be judgmental. By avoiding going to the GP, not only are they missing out on receiving health, but they may also be unaware of the actual consumption they are having. In reality they may be consuming 3x more units than they realize, and by not going to the GP they are not going to learn of the real value of their drinking and continue to drink at the level they do. This is both damaging to their health in terms of the drink, but they are also likely to avoid visiting related to other health problems if they believe the GP will bring it up, thus putting themselves at more risk of harm. This can be seen in my questionnaire where 70% of the respondents who reported to either drink concentrated over one - two days, or stated having more units than is recommended, also reported strongly agreeing with 'If I'm ill I'll self treat first before visiting the GP'. ...read more.


So if a person is stressed and has a cigarette, they are more likely to also drink too reduce their stress than just smoking alone. This association becomes fixed over time and if a person quits one for example excessive drinking they are going to find it a lot harder than someone who doesn't also smoke. This is because the person becomes used to using one after the other or at the same, so if they are cutting down or quitting drinking and reach for a cigarette, it is going to be very tempting for them to also drink as this is what they are used to. There is also a social element to the two factors. Both can be social activities and if the majority are both drinking and smoking then the person who is only doing one is more likely to yield to social pressure to also do the other (30). Alcohol can inhibit a person's decision-making and impulse control and is going to increase the potential of the person choosing to smoke (31). In item 27: 'How did the smoking ban affect your life?' 100% of the respondents who smoked said their was life had been affected. This may be due to the social aspects of smoking and drinking with friends in a bar or pub. ...read more.


(36) webmd.com (37) article.wbm.com (38) www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (39) www.netdoctor.co.uk Monitoring weight & Eating Sensibly Eating sensibly is the most popular method of weight control (36). When somebody is frequently monitoring their weight then they are also likely to want to control it, often by the process of eating sensibly. By eating sensibly the person will move closer to a healthier weight and be able to see that through the use of monitoring it. This means the healthier the diet the more likely the person is to keep monitoring their weight. This correlation also works in a negative way. When somebody does not care about monitoring their weight then it is unlikely they will care about eating sensibly as the main effect of eating sensibly is a healthy weight. I found this correlation in my study on both sides. For example on item 13, when asked to rate how well they maintained a balanced diet, the top 20% of responses all said in item 15 that they monitor their weight at least once a month. They later expanded this explanation on item 16 when 100% of them said 'to make sure I'm eating sensibly'. On the other end of the spectrum the bottom 20% of ratings on item 13 all reported to never monitor their weight; and in item 14: How could you improve your diet, and why haven't you? Respondent 5 said 'I have no motivation to improve it'. ...read more.

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