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health promotion

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In this unit I will be planning, carrying out and evaluating a health promotion. A health promotion is "a wide range of activities, all of which have a part to play in promoting health" (Moonie, 2005, p146). I will decide upon an area to promote which is relevant to myself and those in my life, then I will decide on which approach I will use to get my message across. I will look at my target group and make my campaign appropriate to that group. Once I have completed my campaign, I will evaluate my success. I have chosen testicular cancer as my topic. This form of cancer develops from within the cells in the testes. It usually presents as a lump in the testicle. If the cancer is not treated, cancer cells can spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. Cases of testicular cancer are rising dramatically. At present there are about 2,000 cases a year in the UK (Everyman, Online). Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young men. ...read more.


I produced a pilot questionnaire, which I handed out to a selection of my female friends. I discovered from these questionnaires that in most cases very little was known by women about testicular cancer, how to check for it and where to look for information. From this I concluded that it was important to direct my campaign towards women, raising their awareness and in turn they could educate my target group. Again these questionnaire responses clearly pointed to a felt need for my campaign. I have included these questionnaires in my report. In the UK and Ireland in the 1990s, testicular cancer accounted for around 1 in 75 cases of cancer. * Incidence was higher than average in the south of England and Scotland, and in the north of England, London and Ireland it was below average. * At the health authority level, there was an apparent pattern of lower incidence in more urban areas and higher incidence in more rural areas. * This pattern may reflect the lower proportions of white males living in more urban areas, as incidence is known to be much higher in white males than in black and Asian males. ...read more.


* www.orchid-cancer.org.uk is The Orchid Cancer Appeal is dedicated to funding research into diagnosis, prevention and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer as well as promoting awareness of these diseases. * www.checkemlads.com is Phil Morris's testicular cancer awareness site. Phil has had testicular cancer. It provides lots of information in a very accessible way for men of all ages. * www.tc-cancer.com is testicular cancer information site. It also runs a forum for everyone, from concerned people right through to families of men who have died from secondary cancers. My local GP's surgery provides leaflets on testicular cancer. These show how to self-check, what to look for and what to do next. Everyman provides this leaflet. My campaign will target women of all ages. Raising awareness and providing education to women in checking techniques could help them to check their husbands, partners and boyfriends themselves, they could also pass information on to their sons, brothers and even fathers. This in turn would raise men's awareness, allowing the men in their lives to possibly catch testicular cancer earlier, therefore increasing their rate of curing the disease to over 99%. 1 AO1 Sarah Cowing Advanced GCE in Health and Social Care Unit 8 ...read more.

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