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How Culture Affects Health?

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How Culture Affects Health? In this report, I will be explaining how different cultures have different eating habits and how it affects them because of their beliefs. I will also be explaining how people are restricted to eat some foods due to their beliefs, which also impact their health. The Chinese Culture The Chinese culture consists of a number of treatments including acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Animal parts are often used in medicine. Shark fish soup is traditionally regarded as as beneficial for health in East Asia. Acordding to Compendium of Materia Medica, it's good for strengthening the waist, nourishing blood and improving digestion. However, scientists do not approve of this treatment. Acupuncture Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China and is most commonly associated with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Different types of acupuncture (Japanese, Korean, and classical Chinese acupuncture) are practiced and taught throughout the world.In western medicine, a common treatment for headchaes is when a acupuncturist insert a needle which is located roughly in the centre of the webs between between the thumbs and the palms of the patient. ...read more.


* Dizziness: this is seen in about 1% of the patients. Some patients have a fear of needles which can produce dizziness and other symptoms of anxiety. Animal Products Many Chinese people eat many different parts of different animals because they are considered to be healthy, below are some examples of the animals they eat: * Grasshoppers: Chinese people believe that grasshoppers are rich in protein and it is often fried and eaten as a spicy snack. * Dogs: dogs are one of the extemeley popular food in China. The dogs are skinned and cooked in boiled water. * Caterpillars: In the poor side of China, farmers often eat carterpillars that are found on the plants, they are eaten raw and are high in protein. Chinese people also eat cows, snakes, ducks chicken and pigs. The Buddhists Culture Buddhism is a very strict culture when it comes to food. Buddhists believe that eve eating vegetables could contribute to killing of living beings. ...read more.


Food permissible for Muslims is known as halal food. Prohibited foods are called 'Haram' (not pure). Carnivorous animals and birds or prey are also Haram. Haram animals include pig, dog, donkey, carnivores, monkeys, cats, lions, frogs, crocodiles, turtles, worms, flies, cockroaches, owls, and eagles. Alcohol, coffee, tea and other drugs are Haram. Halal foods that have become contaminated by contact with prohibited foods are also Haram. Certain parts of the Halal animals are Haram to eat: * Blood * Excrement * Male and female genitals * Womb * Glands * Testicles * Pituitary gland, a ductless gland in the brain * The marrow which is in the spinal cord * The two wide (yellow) nerves which are on both sides of the spinal cord, (as an obligatory precaution). * Gall bladder * Spleen * Urinary bladder * Eye balls Unlike the Chinese culture, Muslims intake of animals is very little. The most popular animals Muslims are allowed to eat are cows, goats and sheep/lamb. Unit 2 Hodge Hill Girls' School Kaleema Amjad 21/09/07 ...read more.

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This report aims to consider how culture affects health. Unfortunately, there is little content regarding health as the main focus is on foods eaten by the three cultures considered: Chinese, Buddhism and Islam. This report requires improvements for all three cultures by clearly explaining how each culture

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 17/09/2013

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