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In-depth study of one science-based organisation - Whipps Cross Hospital

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________________ In-depth study of one science-based organisation Organisations that use science can be either those that manufacture or process products for sale or those that provide a service. Organisations that manufacture or process products may have used scientists in the research and development stages, but the people who produce the products do not need to be scientists, e.g. production workers in the ceramics industry or in a brewery. Sometimes, however, the processes used require scientifically-qualified people to carry them out, e.g. in hospitals, scientifically-qualified staff are needed in improving health care. Whipps Cross Hospital Whipps Cross Hospital is situated on the outskirts of Leytonstone in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The hospital serves a diverse local population of more than 350,000 people from Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Epping Forest. Whipps Cross Hospital provides a full range of general inpatient, outpatient and day care services, as well as maternity services and a 24-hour Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centre. The trust has various specialist services, including urology, ENT, audiology, cardiology, colorectal surgery, cancer care and acute stroke care. The hospital is merged with Barts and The London NHS Trust and Newham University Hospital NHS Trust. In this assignment, I have researched about Whipps Cross Hospital and the science that is involved behind it. I have visited a specific department that is in Whipps Cross Hospital which is the Pathology department. I have researched about the health and safety, the products/services that are provided, the role of the organisation within the community, the role of scientists within the organisation, the work carried out and the science involved and also the use of ICT within the organisation. Health and Safety Every organisation has to follow the health and safety law in order to avoid the risks of the employees and the employers. Whipps Cross Hospital follows the health and safety law and regulations. Health and Safety laws and regulations have been introduced to provide guidelines for organisations to work to. ...read more.


part that is employed feels supported and encouraged to deliver the best patient care, in line with their Patient Experience Revolution Manifesto. Other than direct employment, Whipps Cross Hospital makes other contributions to the local economy and they have local companies. While researching and exploring Whipps Cross hospital around, I have found that they have a restaurant to provide food for the staffs, patients and the people that visit the hospital. Also they have WHSmith Store for the employees, patients and the people that visit the hospital. Whipps Cross Hospital makes contributions to the local community so for example they do charity events to raise money for local charities. Whipps Cross Hospital Charity supports the patients and staff and work of the hospital. Whipps Cross Hospital Charity raises money to complement funds provided by the NHS, benefiting their staff, their patients and the patient’s families. The charity is a separate body to the NHS Trust and has had registered charity status since 1995. Donations have been made to the hospital and I have found that the different types of donations that have been made to the hospital such as three incubators for their Special Care Baby Unit - £29,202, complimentary therapies as part of palliative care in the Margaret Centre - £6,925 and a laser system for the operating theatres - £20,968. As you can see on the left, there’s a picture of a league table showing the overall experience of the hospitals. I have circled the Whipps Cross Hospital in the league table. 85.98% of people have rated that they felt that they gave been treated with respect and dignity while they were at the hospital. 72.45% have rated how well the doctors and nurses worked together, 71.32% of people have overall rated the care that they have received. During the hospital stay, some people were asked to give their views on the quality of the care and they have rated 4.68% for this. ...read more.


The main use of computer control in hospitals is in life-support systems. The sensors attached to a patient monitor the pulse, temperature, blood pressure and breathing rate. The readings from sensors are taken at regular intervals and used as input to a computer. If any of these readings goes outside acceptable levels an output signal sets off an alarm to alert the nurse staff. Life Support systems are often used for patients in intensive care or for prematurely born babies. This type of system has several advantages such as monitoring can be continuously done 24 hours a day, no chance of human errors and frees the nursing staff to carry out other duties. The hospital uses the computer system for life support system and this will be much easier for the doctors and the nurses, as the monitoring is done through the ICT system and it will also be accurate and you can see what is wrong with the patient immediately. Another way of presenting data through ICT is the MRI scanner. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is a radiology technique that uses magnetism, radio waves and a computer to produce images of the body structure. A huge circular magnet is in the tube that surrounds the patient. When the magnet is switched on, the detection of change in magnet resonance is picked up by radio waves and this change can be modelled by a computer to produce an image. Different tissues change the resonance of the magnetic waves, the image and the resolution of the image produced is quite detailed and can detect tiny changes in the body. By changing the reading of the magnetic resonance and by measuring the change, it can focus the image on different aspects of the patient, producing some results. Whipps Cross Hospital has an intranet site. Increasing number of organisations are now using an internal network known as an intranet to communicate via internal email and other methods like newsgroup. The individuals have access to the intranet where documents and templates that are used frequently can be accessed. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Healthcare section.

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