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In this assignment I will be talking about the factors that can lead to the suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse.

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P3 In this assignment I will be talking about the factors that can lead to the suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse. Types of abuse: within the family and require complete obedience as of all the family members and could have power over the family by violent actions ,some possibly will be intense drinkers,a sexual abuser will pressures someone to do something really sexual that they do not desire to do, it can also be associated to the actions that influence a person's capability to manage their sexual activity or the situation in which sexual activity takes place like oral sex,rape and inhibit access to birth control or condoms examples of these abuse would be of an individual touching a vulnerable persons breast,vagina,penis or even anus or making the vulnerable individual touch theirs it can be rape if the person place in their penis or any other part of the body into the individuals anus, mouth or vagina without consent and forcefully or any further things that make the person feel uneasy for instance making sexual remarks or peeving at them in a sexual way, making them watch as they masturbate, stroking their body against them in a sexual way, tongue kissing the individual by force, and making them watch sexual videos and pictures. Physical - physical harm is done deliberately to another person on more than one occasion with no reason what so ever, it causes physical pain to another person, it is a way for an individual to target another out anger and using fear to control the behavior , some people see physical abuse as a way of discipline ,example of this abuse are slapping, pushing,throwing things at the individual that causes severe physical pain or discomfort,pinching,punching,choking,burning from cigarettes or kettle,biting ...read more.


will come to your house and kill your dad and you" Due to this Jillian may do poorly at school she might day dream and depart herself from her peers and people, she will act out or even seek attention, she will find it hard to have any close relationship with any one including in her age criteria and may not invite them over to their house or to play and when she gets older she might have sexual troubles by resisting and form of sexual intercourses or may have intercourse but not enjoy it, she start showing anxiety signs when she is with a certain adult and can become very upset and self conscious when they are in a environment that they must undress for instance PE, Jillian will find it hard to show self confidence and enthusiasm she will feel very unappealing and may even start cutting her arms to release the mental pain she is going through, she will deny her self- worth and preferable start taking drugs, she may self neglect herself in terms of personal hygiene and become bulimia or even anorexic ,studies show that 90% of women who are alcoholic now where prone to sexual abuse.she may even become pregnant but in the future if she does happen to have children her motherly natural feeling will create a physically powerful and safe bond with them. Sociological -Physical abuse Leoni lives with her stepdad and the oldest of her half siblings who are age 5 and 6 she,she is originally from the carribean but was born in the uk.her mother left her step dad with no warning or a goodbye a year ago and ever since then no one has heard from her,he is left to support the kids with ...read more.


matthew that if he does not loose his virginity at a certain age then he is definitely gay , he urges Mathew to have sex and to lose his virginity,Mathew refuses to do this then he insist that Mathew is pathetic and a baby ,he continuously puts down Mathews self esteem,he forces matthew to watch a video of two men intercoursing and another with a woman and man, he tells Mathew that he knows he prefers the one with the two men because he hasn't got any girlfriendor had sex ith a girl before to prove that he is not gay. He could show inappropriate behavior in which he iseither immature or mature for his age,dramtic behavioral changes such as if he was to be in a classroom he will be very disruptive,he becomes clingy and compulsively seek affection and attention,he can become aggressive, uncooperative, and wets bed,he becomes very anti social constantly being withdrawn and sad, poor relationship with his age mates and his self confidence will decrease and will restrict him from showing emotions or develop an emotional bond with another individual this will greatly affect his emotional development and wil rather prefer his own companyin his later life he will most probably find it difficult to illustrate emotions , he will not be able to value or control his own emotional feeling. ,he will become scared to go home or being left alone, due to hius uncles pressure he may become gay and tries to deny it leading to suicide that his uncle was right all this time or he could grow up to have sexual intercourse with different girls but lacking to show emotion towards them and will possibly end up with a sex transmitted infection. http://www.burstingthebubble.com/what-is-sexual-abuse.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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