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The daughter of Mr. Abramovich cannot afford to look after her father due to her hectic schedule at work. Based on the case study, since she have a hectic schedule, she wont be able to look after him so she decided to put her father on a residential care home. This is a very emotional and sensitive for Mr. Abramovich but I think that this is the best choice for him because he will meet different kind people with the same age as him and can interact with them in any way. ...read more.


Along with this, I will think of anything that can help me on explaining it to Mr. Abramovich and I came up with a translator or his daughter to translate it for him because he has Basic English and it will be better if someone will translate what I am saying to him so he will understand it. In addition, maybe put him on a quiet peaceful place with tea and show him some lovely picture of the residential care home. This is when my ideas occur which is the first stage of the communication cycle. ...read more.


Then, we are going to say the fact that he needs to go to a residential care home and shows him some pictures. He will then try to understand the message and a hint could be his facial expression. I.e. sad, happy shock etc. he receiver then receives the message via looking and listening to the translator and me. You will notice if he understood by having a sad face, get mute or disappointed. From the time he understood it, he gave us a sad face and he went mute. He then tells the translator or me if he understood or not and if he thinks that is the best option for him. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kevin Lejarde Unit 1: M1 - 1 - ...read more.

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