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My professional practice review. I currently work as a nursery nurse in a private day care nursery

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My Professional Practice: Where am I now? Ethical statement In this TMA all names have been changed and initials have been used to protect identity. The setting, children and parent have given their consent for me to carry out activities and observe their child. I am aware of the principles of confidentiality and all information collected is confidential. Participants were told that they could withdraw at any time. Section 1 Introduction I currently work as a nursery nurse in a private day care nursery with children aged between 6months to 4 years. I started of working in the baby room where I particularly gained a lot of knowledge ? helping change, feed and stimulate the babies and supervising sleep times. After working for 6 months in the baby I was approached by my manager to become head of baby room, although I was a little nervous I accepted and now am head of the baby room in my setting. My role is to plan activities, observe children, and make sure there is a clean and safe environment for the children in my care. ...read more.


(CS1) Occasionally when I do have the courage to put my ideas forward, I am always afraid they might back fire and not go according to plan. For example I was told to change the room layout of the baby room according to my likeability, although I did spend 2 hours in setting up the baby room I was still in doubt that it might not be liked and not suitable for the babies. After setting up, the room was complimented by most of the staff and even a few parents. (KS3) For PP1- Inclusive practice, my area of development would be to increase my knowledge and understanding of relevant legislations and how these legislations relate to my provision and daily practice. I have previously read about different legislations while I studying level 3 in childcare and the course E100, but still don?t hold much information to hand about these. I classify this as my weak point and find it difficult to understand these legislations. My aim is to establish a culture to promote positive, non-discriminatory and inclusive relationships with and between each chid and family I intend to do this by involving each parent ...read more.


In regards to PP4- Safeguarding and promoting children?s well being I consider my self to have a reasonable amount of knowledge, as I have always strived to develop appropriate professional relationships with children and families. I can confidently say that I always provide a safe, secure environment for each child that meets regulatory requirements. (KS3) My opinion is that all children should be provided with first hand experiences, which will encourage learning. The most important thing while working with children is to keep them safe. However individual needs need to be taken into consideration and the environment should be planned to accommodate all needs. My setting has a safeguarding officer and also offers safeguarding training courses, I would like to carry out this training as it will be beneficial to my practice as well as improve the way I work with children. As block 1 states ? Today all professionals are trained to realise that they have a responsibility for safeguarding children?s wellbeing? (cited in block 1 p.10) (CS1) Training and studies will have impact on the opportunities and experiences we have in our day-to-day practice in relation to supporting young children?s learning and development, it will also improve the skills of engaging with parents, colleagues and other agencies and safeguarding children?s wellbeing. ...read more.

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