My placement it was at nursery in chase farm hospital.

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                               UNIT 3 TASK 5


My placement it was at nursery in chase farm hospital. It was a private nursery.


The diagram below shows the basic structure in nursery. It shows you the main responsibility and what are the staff’s main job roles.



My supervisor only gets income from the children parents and the responsibility of the child. They use that money on equipments for example books, paper, glue, magazine cuttings, scissors, lace, feathers, glitter, pencil, crayons, felt tips, sand and water tray, sand toys e.g. scoops, buckets, spades, trucks, water toys e.g. bottles, ducks, boats, cups, aprons, dustpan and brush. It’s important that children have everything they need in nursery. The manager also pays the staff wages with the money they earn with.



In the nursery these two supervisor they are responsibility of the nursery. These eight staff is working in the nursery. Two staffs working with the babies. Two staff is working in pre-school that’s age of three to five. These four staff working in toddles room that age of one to three. In pre- school these one teacher and the other one is just the helper. In toddles room these two teachers and the other two is training to be a teacher. Mostly children parents are working in hospital it’s easier for them to drop and pick it up.

Laura bailey and Linda is responsibility of the nursery. Laura she comes in the morning around seven clocks to open the nursery. Mostly children come in the morning. When Laura comes in the morning she set the alarm, get the children’s toys ready, make toast to the children and she deals with the paper works in the office. When Laura leaves early Linda deals with the paper work. Linda is the one who close the nursery.

The nursery has a safety building and environments. Out side of the nursery it has camera so the manager could see whose coming. Know one could enter inside of the building with out knowing the security number. Only staff and manager know the security numbers. For the confidential reason know one allowed to pass the security number.


When it time to go home for the children only there parents could pick them up we could not gave children to the person we don’t know the child does not now. If the parents cannot pick it up they have to call the nursery tell them that someone else is going to pick it up. If any think happens the child it’s the nursery responsibility.

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If the child has serious health issue they should inform us. If they have serious illness e.g. disease or infectious ailments then they should not bring there child to nursery. If the child becomes ill during nursery then we will attempt to contact child’s parents. If we are unable to contact the parents we will contact the authorised people on the enrolment from.

Equal concern policy

In the nursery all the staff should treat the children equally know matter there skin colour, gender, religious, cultural and family background. Children should be treated fairly ...

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