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Otitis Media

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Otitis Media Is another term for an ear infection. Ear infections are the most common cause of earaches. Most ear infections occur in the middle ear. Ear infections are a normal cause of infant distress, and they are often associated with children, but this condition can also affect adults. The infection that occurs in the middle ear often accompanies a common cold, the flue, or another kind of respiratory infection. This happens because the middle ear in connected with the upper respiratory tract by the Eustachian tube. Most parents deal with the frustrations of ear infections. Ear infections account for the highest number of doctor visits next to well baby checkups. ...read more.


When the doctor looks at an infected ear, the eardrum looks red and is bulging. Ear infections are most commonly caused by an upper respiratory viral infection, which is usually a cold or the flu. Common colds and the flu make the Eustachian tube so swollen that middle ear fluid cannot drain. Ear infections not only cause severe pain, but may result in serious complications if not treated. An untreated ear infection can travel from the middle ear to parts of the head, including the brain. Although the hearing loss caused by ear infections in usually temporary, untreated ear infections can lead to permanent hearing impairment. ...read more.


Inflammation of the ear drum indicates an infection. Many physicians recommend the use of antibiotics to treat ear infections. However, there are many bacteria that can cause otitis media, and some have become resistant to antibiotics. This happens when antibiotics are given to children for things they will not help, such as a cold or the flu. In these cases, several antibiotics are sometimes needed to figure out which one will fight off the infection. Research is being explored to further improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of middle ear infections. The effects of ear infections on children's speech and language development are important areas of study, so is research to develop more accurate methods to help physicians detect middle ear infections. Research is also leading to the availability of vaccines that will prevent otitis media. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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