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Personal profile - I firmly believe that I have the attributes to be a successful radiologist.

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´╗┐Personal statement For as long as I remember, I have been fascinated by all living things, throughout my childhood. I grew up among radiographers and doctors; they inspired me and encouraged me to choose radiography as a career. I decided to study radiography because it is a skilled, people based career that enables you to work anywhere in the world. I am highly motivated by the satisfaction of being the person who makes difficult diagnoses and therefore makes a positive difference in patient care. I also liked the fact that there are a huge number of areas that come under radiography, which gives you a lot of opportunities to specialise and study postgraduate qualifications. ...read more.


Another skill I learnt working at the hospital was the ability to listen more effectively. Many patients, especially as they were older patients, liked to have a little chat as you went round the ward, and although this was only a short space of time, it could mean a lot to the patient. I have also previously worked as a volunteer in Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead in radiology department in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 I also did a clinical placement in St Marys Hospital in Paddington in a radiology department. I believe my strong communication skills, patience, empathy and ability to problem solve, which are all important to a Radiographer, have been developed through both my part time job and work experience that I have completed As I have ...read more.


I am methodical person who possesses strict attention to detail. I ask the right questions and take pleasure in interacting and collaborating with other medical professionals, to ensure a correct diagnosis is made. Furthermore, I am approachable, light hearted, yet dedicated, competent and driven. I believe these qualities will make me better radiographer by being someone others will want to work with. I am excited at the prospects of being a part of these advances. The prospect of studying Radiography at university has truly motivated me to become part of a profession in the future. I believe that your program is one with attributes that can enable me to move forward to achieve my goals. After completing the university course, I would eventually like to pursue a career in the NHS as a Diagnostic Radiographer. ...read more.

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