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Playwork Placement. Incident diary and reflections.

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Unit 2 Assignment Monday 20th July: By 9.30 the busy morning rush is mainly over, I notice one of the children new the setting standing close by, I introduce myself to 6 a year old, who is looking a bit lost as it is her first time with us, we discuss the things she likes to do, she said she would like to have a turn with the junk modelling activity we have out, so I grabbed a chair for her at the table and shown her where all the card and glue is, and introduced her to some other children at the table, and she settled well in the group. Wednesday 22nd July In the play ground there are some children drawing chalk pictures on the floor, there are some nice decorative pictures, but someone has drawn an intimidating picture of one of another girls at the play scheme (who was not present at the time) who has a problem with her weight, and the picture could be quite upsetting for her if she see's it. The children won't admit amongst themselves who drew the picture but I told them that the picture is not nice and I'm really disappointed, I have asked them to help wash it away with some water and a rags. ...read more.


In regard to blocking of the fire exit, I think maybe fire safety training would be good; maybe a visit from a local fire representative, and a practice fire drill would be good practice. We planned in advance the setting layout when we were expecting a child in the setting that uses a wheelchair, everything seemed to go really well so I cant see any need for improvement in this area, I Sensitively observed the child in everyday activities, identifying any barriers to participation in activities and experiences. P1 List the main points the playworker should consider when creating a play space for children and young people. Things we would consider before a session would include: -Check heating and ventilation -Set out activities attractively -Maintain cleaning routines -Check equipment for wear and tear -Check lighting -Follow all heath and safety requirements, (unblock fire exits, food hygiene, make sure doors and windows are secure) -Adaptable for children with special needs/wheelchair use -The equipment is of high quality and attractive -Well maintained -Play equipment would need to be up to date and to standards The playrooms would need to be a good size -Keep fire exits clear -Have a designated safety area -The setting would need to be inviting (i.e. ...read more.


-Recording observations in a reflective diary can help keep a record of any changes in a child's behavior or identify what they like/don't like -Listen to feedback from other play workers, children and parents about how children adapt -Analyse our own performance by reflecting on what went well and what didn't. -It's valuable to see things from other people's point of view and it will help me to deal with constructive criticism P8 Identify sources of help and information about further training and development for play workers. Training: -College courses i.e.: NVQ, BTEC Courses for child carers to improve skis and knowledge -First aid training -Lifesaving swimmer courses -Food hygiene courses -Child protection workshops -Staff training days Help: -OFSTED -NSPCC -Social workers P9 Provide information about how to promote inclusion when planning and supporting children's play. -Ensuring the needs of every child is met, regardless of their ability. -Make sure all children can access all areas of the setting -Have an 'anti-discriminatory' approach -Make sure staff are aware of what they need to do to include a child into the day to day life of the play setting. -Have an inclusive environment understanding that as individuals, children and adults alike all require some form of support. ...read more.

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