Reflections on my Level 3 Health and Social Care course.

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P2:  My assessment on the following areas Where I was at the start of the programmeWhere I am nowWhat has helped me improveCareer aspirations:I want to be a midwife and I’m going to achieve this by completing my level three health and social care course which will give me the qualification I need to get into university. I chose this cause as I’m very much interested in this sector because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I will need to achieve DDM to get onto a midwifery course at university. I am studying a health and social care level three and I’m currently looking for a placement in a family centre.        My family has motivated me to do better and my past experiences have pushed me to improve.Values and beliefsI value my family as they are my
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motivation. I valued money because without it, it’s difficult to get to places. I was also aware of values within the health and social care environment which is the confidentiality between the client and service provider and that all service users and providers are entitled to respect.My values are still the same but I have more values such as my education. My course is important, as I will need to meet all my deadlines to get my grades. I’ve now learnt more values and beliefs such as privacy, choice and rights which is part of the legislation in the health ...

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