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Positive environments

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BTEC National Children's Care, Learning and Development Unit 2: Positive environments for children's care, learning and development Assignment 2 In my assignment I am going to describe procedures for risk assessment and hygiene control in a childcare setting. A risk assessment is identifying a hazard which may cause harm and putting in rules and regulations so that the risk may be minimized. A risk assessment is very important in a childcare setting as it makes the setting safe for children, staff and parents. An example of this may be: Hazard Risk Control measures Who will do this? When will it be done? Front door is sometimes left open Children might run out the door onto the main road and have an accident Key pad system on the door and a high door handle Designated person ASAP When doing a risk assessment, 5 steps are followed: 1. ...read more.


For example if there is rubbish always on the ground, give someone the job to pick it up and they could receive an award at the end of the year for doing this, this encourages children to take part in helping the care setting. 5. Review you assessment and revise if necessary. After a few weeks, you should look over what happened and see if it may have happened again. An example of a hazard may be an outdoor climbing from in the playground. Children may be harmed by this if: * Children who may not be comfortable climbing on the frame. * Children who may be wearing the wrong clothes or footwear. * Children may slip on various weather types, e.g. ...read more.


In a venue, it would be prone to accidents as there may be barriers that are broken, unfenced water, toilet facilities that may be dirty and not cleaned on a regular basis. On the other hand on the transport to the venue it would be clean and secure. Some venues that you may go to don't have risk assessments but usually places like Zoo's and aquariums do. Here is an example of a Zoo Risk Assessment form. Hazard & Risk: Dangerous animals may be a risk of being bitten. Controls in place: * Warning signs * Safety barriers are securely in place * Feeding animals is strongly prohibited Risk of disease contraction or accidental injury Controls: * Warning and advisory signs in place * Feeding of all animals is prohibited * When children go to the petting zoo, at least 3 members of staff have to be in that area. ...read more.

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