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Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

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AO1: Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings Task 1C: What difficulties or tension might arise between the rights and responsibilities in a care setting such as Queensland? Include: * Balancing people's rights against their responsibilities. * Balancing the needs of people who use service with the availability resources. * Role boundaries. * Legal requirements. * Tension between organisational policies and service user's needs. * Tension within individuals. * Tension between service user and care workers. * Tension between service user and the organisation. Balancing people's rights against their responsibilities Maintaining a balance of rights and responsibilities is essential to constructing and preserving a good relationship between the service user and care worker. In a Balanced rights and responsibilities one person does not overpower another, and so that they can be clear about how they should distribute power. Balancing rights and responsibilities together can be very difficult for care workers and the service users and can also build tensions. All service users in Queensland have a right to be treated equally, along with their right it is care workers responsibility to provide equal care for the service users. Service users have a responsibility towards those who are offering the service. They also have rights. Balancing these two perspectives could at times be very difficult. For example Mary lives Queensland, she is very old, and she has a mobility problem and she wants to walk around Queensland after she has ate, however no one is available to accompany her because the home is short staffed, tensions have arisen. The service user has the right to go for a walk around, but the care workers have a responsibility to ensure she's safe and secure. ...read more.


Some of the legislations that are applied to Queensland are: * Access to Health records. * Care Standard Act. * Data Protection Act. * Humans Right Act. * Race relation Act. It is important for all the care workers to understand their responsibilities in relation to legislation. To break legislation could result in criminal proceedings. However sometimes tensions can arise between the organisation and the service user because has work between the boundaries and the law, but service might be seeking solution which is outside the boundaries of the law. * Access to Health Records-Allows service users to have a look at their personal files and medical records. * Care Standard Act-Set care standard need by an individual in care settings. * Data Protection Act. - Protecting data from damage and misuse, this is related to storage of data and accessing it. * Humans Right Act. - Giving users the right to freedom form torture, protect their life. * Race relation Act. - Prevents individuals from discriminating each others race. These are the laws and breaking them is very serious crime and can result in going to prison. Care settings are obligated to work within the boundaries of the law. Tensions can arise when a service user seeks a solution to something outside of such boundaries. Example: A service user is discovered to have been regularly using cannabis, a class B illegal drug, which his nephew brings to him on visits. When confronted by the care worker the service user explains that he uses it to ease his back pain, as he had found the treatments on offer for it to be relatively ineffective, and that the drug is the only thing that gives him relief from the pain. ...read more.


running in, and tried to solve the situation by talking to them and trying to make them understand that by having an argument, they are not helping, they should how to work together happily, the care worker talked to them in a quite and a nice tone. Tension between service user and the organisation There are many rights of service users that overcome their responsibilities. Queensland service users have many rights which are: * Confidentiality * Choice * Not to be discriminated against * Practise their culture and beliefs * Make a complaint * Safety and security * By given clear and accurate information Organizations must comply with these rights, to do so they have to provide safe and secure environment for all who uses these facilities. Organisational policies are very important in care settings which identify tasks of care workers in specific to their work. Organisational policies are specific to a particular care setting identifying responsibilities. The role of any policy is to ensure that service users' rights are upheld, and care workers are providing guidelines so that the best possible care is available. If a service user has been kept waiting for their treatment or received poor quality care, this can create tension between them and the organisation. The care worker should deal with the situation carefully to make sure that the service users' rights are being fulfilled. Tensions can arise in care settings for numerous reasons, and depending on what the situation calls for; resources will have to be allocated as fairly as possible and on the basis of need, boundaries of the law must be respected, and tensions between and within individuals must be negotiated to come to amicable solutions. ...read more.

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This assignment has been written to explain the difficulties and tensions that might arise in a care setting. All sections of the content required have been covered and in places the written theoretical content is supported with appropriate and satisfactory examples. However, in other places, the examples provided are not satisfactory as is indicated and could be improved by using the feedback. In at least three places there is evidence of plagiarism from another student?s work on the website and so this content has been discounted within the overall assessment of content. The structure and English use could also be amended as in places the evidence contains spelling and grammar errors, with some poor sentence structure. Nevertheless, overall there is satisfactory evidence within this report for the portfolio once it has been improved according to the feedback provided.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 30/07/2013

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