Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings. Explain 3 rights of service users in Queensland. Choose 3 from:

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AO1: Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

Task 1:

Explain 3 rights of service users in Queensland.

Choose 3 from:

  • To make decisions that affect their lives/ to consult with people on decisions that will affect them
  • To express preferences
  • To make choices
  • To develop their full potential
  • To confidentiality

Quality practice has benefits for all members of the practice team who participate in the process. As a result of going through the process as a team, staff often report:

  • Better team working
  • improved communication
  • reduced duplication of effort
  • Increased understanding of each other’s’ roles. 

Quality practice

Quality practice’ is quality of care in Homes that provided residents with a good quality of life or the quality of their lives in general rather than about care only. Care settings try to ensure that the standard of work is upheld successfully to quality practice

Care user’s right of quality of care workers are the following:

  • Data gathered must be protected and should not be lying around. Collect precise data. There should be a diverse range of information which should include fact and opinion.  
  • Care workers must value and respect the choices, ideas, opinions, beliefs and identity
  • Care workers must show respect to service users and present this in their way of communication. This includes body language.
  • Help service users with their needs. Service users must not be judged because of this.
  • Care workers should try to encourage service users with complaints procedures

Care values

The care value base is a set of rules and guidelines that every case worker has to follow in order to provide services to their service user.

The seven principles are:

1. Promoting anti-discriminatory practice

2. Maintaining confidentiality of information

3. Promoting and supporting individual’s right to dignity, independence, choice and safety

4. Acknowledging people's personal beliefs and identities

5. Protecting individuals from abuse

6. Providing effective communication and relationships

7. Providing individualized care

There are many ways in which you can value individuals:

  • Health and safety
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Equality and diversity
  • Communication
  • Equal opportunities
  • Make choices
  • Respect
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Every person has dignity and value. One of the ways that we recognise this fundamental worth is by acknowledging and respecting a person's human rights.

Human rights are concerned with equality and fairness. They recognise our freedom to make choices about our life and develop our potential as human beings. They are about living a life free from fear, harassment or discrimination. There are a number of basic rights that people from around the world have agreed on, such as the right to life, freedom from torture and other cruel and inhuman ...

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