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RECOGNISE THE EFFECTS OF BARRIERS AND INFLUENCES ON COMMUNICATION What is self-esteem? Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High self esteem is a good opinion of yourself and low self esteem is a bad opinion of yourself. It is very important because it affects how you think, act and can even affect how you act around and towards other people. It allows you to live life to your the full. Low self esteem means that you can have poor confidence and that can also cause negative thoughts which means that you are likely to give up easily rather than face any challenges that you may come across in day to day life. It has a direct impact on your happiness and well being. 1 Environmental barrier An environmental barrier can depend on where the person is and what the environment is like around them; this could be from poor lighting, or if the lighting is too bright, it could be too noisy; this could be due to a lot of people around having many different conversations or if somebody is playing music in the building that is too loud, or it could be to quiet, it could be due to roadworks outside of the building that the person is in. The size and temperature of the room could also affect a person, if the room is too small then somebody could feel claustrophobic and if the room is too big then you could feel as if you have too much space around you. Another environmental factor could be cultural differences; this could be due to the service user not speaking any English. How does this impact a person's self-esteem? If a service user goes to the doctors and is put into a room that is poorly lit they could feel paranoid because when in a room they might not be able to see what is in their or what is going on around them and this in turn makes them feel uncomfortable because they are unaware of what is happening in the room. ...read more.


person has a high knowledge of different languages it may boost their self esteem as the service user will feel they can actually do something and also they will believe they are not useless. Lack of knowledge will decrease a persons self esteem because they will be unable to hold a conversation due to the fact that they do not have any knowledge o they have little knowledge. This would also effect a persons life because if they have no knowledge on anything they will most probably not get a job which will make them feel useless. Not knowing a service users needs will make a care workers self esteem decrease because the care worker will feel that they are useless at their job and this will make the care worker feel frustrated. Because of this the service user will suffer because they are not receiving the correct care and their self esteem may decrease. Poor listening may decrease a service users self esteem. This will be because the service user is unable to engage in a conversation. Also he or she may be unable to now what was going on due to poor listening. This could then confuse the service user. Insufficient training can decrease a carers self esteem. This is because the carer may feel that they have been ignored and also pushed to one side. Also if the care worker has insufficient training it may decrease the service users self esteem as they may feel that they have been stuck with that care worker because their care home does not feel they are important. What impact does this have on relationships? If there are no lack of skills a care worker or service user can form a normal relationship. If there are lack of language skills a person will be unable to form a relationship with a service user or care worker if they speak a different language. ...read more.


Bowing is seen as nothing in the UK however in Japan bowing shows the importance of a person. Slouching is usually seen as rude in the UK and also in northern European areas. A service user having their hands in their pockets is usually known to be with teenagers. In Turkey if a service user has their hands in their pockets it is seen as disrespectful. If a service user sits with the legs crossed in both Ghana and Turkey the care worker may be offended and lastly if a service user shows the soles of their feet in both Thailand ans Saudi Arabia the care worker will be offended because of their ethnicity. Culture - what is it? Culture is made up of a variety things and those things consist of a persons language, beliefs, values and a persons upbringing. Language is if a person speaks English, French etc. Beliefs are for example if that culture beliefs in god. Values are what a person or culture believes are right and wrong and lastly upbringing is how a person has been brought up with their parent or guardian. Give three examples of how different cultures can affect communication. 1 - If an English care worker has a Turkish patient they would be unable to communicate due to the different languages because they have different cultures. 2 - An Islamic care worker and a English service user are communicating however the Islamic care worker does not agree with the fact that the service user is choosing to have a abortion. This is because both the care worker and the service user have different beliefs. 3 - A care worker who has been brought up in a nuclear family is communicating with a service user who is from a single parent family. Because of this the care worker looks down on the service user and the service user then feel degraded. This is because they have both had different upbringings. ?? ?? ?? ?? OCR Level 3 Unit 2 - Working with Service Users in Care Settings AO4 Page 1 of 8ol ...read more.

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