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Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable disease and premature death.

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Smoking? Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable disease and premature death .There are five times more people killied by smoking than by road accidents,suicide,murder,AIDS and illegal drugs put together.Smoking is a addictive drug this is because it contains Nicotine which is a powerful drug in tobacco which cause phyical and phychological addiction in smoking.Nicotine is so powerful that it increses the heart rate and the blood pressure. Cigarette's also contain a chemical called tar which is black and sticky and contains cancer- causing chemicals these are called carainogens.Tar is very danugous chemical this is because it clogs up the lungs and the chemicals are graduallt absorbed,causing irritation and damage. Another chemical that Cigarette's contain are Carbon Monoxide.This is a very deadly gas this is becauseit stops your blood from doing it's jobwhich is to carry oxygen to the brain and muscles. ...read more.


cancer then those of this age group who do not smoke,because of the harmfuleffects of continuing to smoke even in old age it is important that elderly people consider trying to stop.However this may be more difficult for them because the longer a person has smoked for,the stronger the addiction of nicotine. Why do people smoke? Most people smoke because it helps them to lose weight this is because when you smoke it makes you feel less hungrey so this way you lose weight,however this is not a good way to lose weight because there are a lot of health risks involed. Reenagers take the drug because they feel that it make's them feel cool however there not the ones that have to deal with all of the health problems not all the people who think that he or she is cool. ...read more.


Also if you smoke you will die earilar then you were supose to and your health while you are alive will be very bad it will be like dieding while your still alive. If there are small infants in the house then you will be killing them as well as your self and you may even make them deaf if they are always around cigraette smoke. This woman can have cancer of the mounth,throat and gullet,bronchitis and emphtsema,pancreatic cancer,stroke,coronary heart disease,lung cancer,bladder cancer and blocked arteries just because she smokes and she can also harm her child by smoking. How it effects you? Smoking effects you because it lets less oxgen in to your brain and more cardon monoxide which is very bad.It also does the same with the lungs so it is much harder to breath easily.If you smoke for a long time then your liver and kidneys could fail esspesally if you smoke to many at once. So please think twice before smoking. By Tajinder Kaur. ...read more.

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