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Statutory Provsion and Information Confidentiality in a Nursery.

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D1 Describe the purpose of one setting that is statutory provision for each age range. There are many settings which provide care for children. One statutory setting which provides care for children from the age of 3 to 5 would be a nursery for example Our lady of Peace Nursery. ''They exist because there is a law that states that all children should be educated'' (Tassoni 2007 pg3) and will have to follow the government or local authority to have them open. The purpose of this setting is to give children registered care facilities which offer full time and part time care for the children. D2 Describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range. ...read more.


It is therefore important to keep any information or discussions about the child or family between the stuff members at the setting and this means that they all should follow the confidentiality rules set. A way to keep the confidentiality would be by having the files locked away in a safe place and have a password for any confidential work kept on the computer data base. C1 Give two examples of when you should refer information about children and families to professionals in the setting. Sometimes it is important to share information with other professionals in a childcare setting. An example where this information may need to be shared to a professional is if there were signs of any abuse by the child. ...read more.


Also being on time is important because this shows that I am a reliable person and keen about the work I apply for. A Example the importance of keeping information about children and families confidential. Keeping information about children and their families is confidential. This is because it builds trust and relationships with the workers and parents of the child. It makes the setting a safe environment from anyone trying to access any information and keeps the information private that only the allocated stuff members can access. Reference: * Hyacinth Malik (1998) A practical guide to equal opportunities Stanley Thornes * Penny Tassoni (2007) Child care and education 3rd edition * The Oratory day Nursery Student Handbook 11th January 2011 * (http://www.oldham.gov.uk/Confidentiality_and_Recording_Information.pdf) 12th November 2010 Biography * http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/scenario.php?csid=169#4 11th November 2010 * http://www.sssc.uk.com/sssc/social-service-careers/what-is-social-work.html 11 th November 2010 ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Nina Krysa Candidate number: 10/679415 Date: 8/11/10 Unit number: 1 Page 1 of 3 word count: 1889 ...read more.

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This assignment has been written for unit 1 of the level 2 CACHE Child Care and Education course. The evidence provided is for only part of the assignment as some criteria are completely missing, including D grade content. Nevertheless, some criteria have been well written, such as C1. Other criteria have not been met, but with amendments could be improved to pass level. It is good to see referencing, a reference list and a bibliography.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 05/09/2013

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