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The effects of long-term smoking on adults.

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The Effects of Long-Term Smoking on Adults Introduction Most adult smokers today probably started smoking when they were teenagers, thinking it was "cool". Today, they're probably sitting in hospital beds, dying of lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, emphysema, or one of the countless other ailments and diseases directly and indirectly related to smoking, regretting they ever tried that first cigarette. With every puff of every cigarette smoked, people are poisoning themselves, the environment, and the people around them. In every puff, they inhale nicotine, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, licorice, cocoa, and thousands of other additives.(1) Aside from causing cancer, let's take a look at how smoking affects your body. ...read more.


Smokers are approximately 10 times more likely to contract lung cancer than non-smokers.(3) Your lungs aren't the only things affected when you smoke. Nicotine found in cigarette smoke raises your blood pressure and makes blood clots more common. Carbon Monoxide steal oxygen from blood and leads to the creation of cholesterol buildup on the walls of your arteries, increasing your chance for a heart attack. Second-Hand Smoke Not only are you harming yourself when you smoke, but you are harming others around you and the surrounding environment. In fact, it's common knowledge that secondhand smoke is more lethal than the act of smoking itself. ...read more.


In a 1988 surgeon general's report, it was stated nicotine to be" an addictive drug comparable to other addictive substances in it's ability to deduce dependence.(6) Conclusion In conclusion to my report, it is apparent that smoking is greatly hazardous to your health, along with the health of the other people to whom your cigarette poses a hazard. If you have not started smoking, and don't plan to, good for you. If you are already a smoker, it is highly recommended that you quit now. The sooner you quit, the more time the body has to repair the damage smoking has caused. (7) Think of all the people who's health you saved by making that one simple decision which will change your life for the better. ...read more.

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