Long term and short term effects of abuse

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Long term and short term effects of Physical Abuse

Unfortunately, many of the injuries sustained from physical abuse can affect the victim as they grow older.

The short-term effects of physical abuse:

* Physical injuries

* Bruises, scratches, trauma

* Broken bones

* Withdrawn and isolated self

* Addiction to medication if forced to ingest

* Depression, Anxiety, and low self-esteem

* Suicidal thoughts and behaviour

* Alcohol and drug misuse

The long-term effects of physical abuse include:

* Arthritis

* Hypertension (high blood pressure)

* Heart disease

* Sexually transmitted diseases (where sexual abuse was part of the physical abuse)

* Chronic pain syndromes

* Worsening of medical illnesses

* Poor weight gain when pregnant

* Higher chance of miscarriages

* Low infant birth weight

* Suicidal thoughts and behaviour

* Self-mutilation

* Panic disorder and PTSD

* Stuttering

* Anxiety, fear and compulsive behaviour

* Inability to control emotions and crying

* Anger, and hostility

* Depression and low self-esteem

* Alcohol and drug misuse

Many long and short term effects are interchangeable, for example, most adults experiencing abuse will feel isolated. Individuals who abuse adults often threaten, harass, or intimidate them. As a result of abuse, adults often experience worry, depression, or anxiety. These signs may be mistaken for memory loss or illness, when really they are the effects of stress or worry. They may also feel shame, guilt, or embarrassment that someone in the family or someone close has harmed them. Some may start to eat less, use more medications or drink more alcohol to help cope with the emotional and physical hurt. They may have difficulty sleeping or sleep too much. Some abused or neglected adults may lose interest in life and or become withdrawn.
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Long term and short term effects of Self-Harm

With Self-harm, the majority of people who do it will cut themselves.

Short term effects of self-harm:

* Scarring

* Cuts, bruises, broken bones, weakened muscles

* Infections

* Nerve damage

* Low self-esteem

* Self-loathing and self hatred

* Irritability

* Feelings of shame and guilt

* Disfigurement

* Stress from explaining scars

* Substance use and abuse to self medicate

* Death

Long term effects of self-harm include:

* Injured tendons, ...

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