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The Significance of Prevention.

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Cambridge IELTS 2 - Test 2 - Writing Task 2 The Significance of Prevention Apparently, health is one of the most significant aspects of everyone's life and many people consider health as a key to success too. It is often said that as long as anyone poses a healthy status, his or her life might be relatively more joyful and cheerful. On one hand, wealth is always essential for us. On the other hand, unless you are healthy, wealth will accompany us since health has its own value and it is not purchasable. It is clear that "Prevention is better than cure" and I am not alone with this concept. Imagine the medical service available in the hospital recently; there is a kind of services called vaccination. ...read more.


Apart from this, a noticeable insinuation can be understand from the comparison of the developing countries and developed countries. Certainly, the developing countries will emphasize on their economy and as a result, less concern will be put on the medical services. Subsequently, more diseases will be found in those countries, as they have not ever tried to make any investigation about the prevention of the particular disease. Instead, they will be likely to depend on the experts' inventions from the other developed countries, such as United State of America and eventually cure the diseases when they need to. In contrast, the developed countries will have a propensity to improve the locals' quality of life. Thus, they tend to put more capitals on the medical investigations, scientific researches, and so on. ...read more.


In addition, they may start to have a realization about the preventative measures that they will avoid to suffer. Last but not least, it is obvious that large proportion of money should be diverted from the treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures in a country's health budget. As long as the country offer a good education system about medical information and provide a useful preventative measures, treatment is unnecessary since no one will be apt to suffer from the illness, pains and seek for cure. Alternatively, they will try their best to escape from the sicknesses and learn more about how to prevent and avoid these undesirable incidences that means money using for the treatment will be less than before. IELTS Writing Task 2 - Argumentative Essay Ken, Van Der Lely ...read more.

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